Culinary Tea Challenge - Week Three

#CulinaryTeaChallenge : Week Three


167 Recipes + Tea + 52 weeks = #CulinaryTeaChallenge


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STARTER: Jasmine Tea Chicken Soup, pg.62

ENTREE: Smoky Black Lentils, pg. 110




Jasmine Tea Chicken Soup

Jasmine Tea Chicken Soup

This soup was supposed to look like a culinary masterpiece from a high-end restaurant but instead, it turned out like the picture you see above. I mean, it doesn't look so bad but the rice cake that the vegetables were sitting on was a complete fail. I went wrong here simply by not preparing the rice using a little more water to make it sticky. However, I don't think a perfectly round and pan fried rice cake would have made this soup any more appetizing.

My husband and I just weren't feeling the soup's broth made of chicken stock and Jasmine Green Tea by Sunflower. There's an odd and bitter taste that is created when a floral tea is used as a broth for soup, and it just wasn't our thing. We loved the season chicken and the enoki mushrooms which swam in the broth before adding the rice cake (which was supposed to elegantly float on the surface) with the vegetable medley a-top.

I think the soup could be delicious and visually pleasing if the broth was made of a more savory tea such as Genmaicha Green Tea and Toasted Rice by The Tao of Tea and if the rice cake was round, golden, and floating a-top the soup. Perhaps I'll re-do the recipe this way and see how it goes...

Jasmine Tea Chicken Soup

Smoky Black Lentils