Black Orchid | Mariage Frères

I'm always curious to know which tea will be the first tea that I review of the year. The tea doesn't necessarily have to be absolutely amazing but it obviously has to be good enough to inspire me to write about it on my blog so this year a tea gifted to me by a friend (by the way, my friends are always giving me free tea, it’s the best!) by the name of Black Orchid by Mariage Frères, is the very first tea that I am reviewing this year. And it's delicious.

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THE HUE: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

To an inexperienced tea sipper black tea may all look the same. I think you have to really love tea to gaze into black teas enough to notice the varying hues of amber and caramel. Red teas and black teas look totally different to me! By the way, a red tea is basically a black tea; the only difference is that in the orient the description “red” is used while in, for example the Western World, the description black is used to describe a highly oxidized tea.

Black Orchid by Mariage Frères is a red tea and has a translucent caramel hue. Like most black teas, the hue is very comforting, warming, and reassuring.

Himalaya Mist Darjeeling by Dobrá Tea in tea box


THE SCENT: Himalaya Mist Darjeeling | Dobrá Tea

One of the most fun things about sipping tea is pouring hot water over your leaves to await the scent that gently flows up into your nostrils shortly after. Black Orchid takes no time to escape the teapot to enter your nostrils and permeate the space around you.

Unless I'm making chai tea (the only tea that my husband really likes) my husband usually just ignores my tea shenanigans but Black Orchid’s scent lured my husband in and captivated his interest. He even wanted to taste. He said it was pretty good. And that's the sum of any type of tea review you're going to get from him.

THE SCENT: Himalaya Mist Darjeeling | Dobrá Tea