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Sneak Peek: Tea Box 2018

Top Ten Teas Box of 2018

The Top Ten Tea Box is a coveted secret-of-a-box that will make your tea sipping fingers tingle with excitement as you open it. Apart from the Top 10 Teas that I announce each year, most of its contents are exciting discoveries. But since I’m your tea friend (and a bit of a tease) I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into Tea Box 2018!

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A Sneak Peek!


Tea Box 2018 includes 10 teas and more!
Tea Box 2018 Tea Pot & Infuser
Tea Box 2018 Tea Pot & Infuser

Tea Box 2018 is filled with the Top Ten Teas of 2018 and all sorts of tea goodies. One of the featured items this year is the Square Designed Tea Pot & Infuser. This chic and practical tea pot has a built-in infuser and is made with heat resistant materials. Making about 2.5 cups of tea, this personal tea pot is perfect for tea time.

What I love about this tea pot is that it is transparent so you can watch as the unique Top Ten Teas of 2018 steep. The built-in infuser has very fine holes so that the essence of your leaves seep through and not the leaves themselves, no matter how small they might be. I’m proud to feature this beautiful tea pot and infuser in Tea End Blog’s Tea Box 2018!

Top Ten Teas of 2018: Cameroon Black Tea from Cameroon, Africa

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Top Ten Teas Box of 2018

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Top Ten Teas Box of 2018

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Preorder your Top Ten Teas Box today while supplies last. Only 50 tea boxes are created each year containing tasting portions of the top 10 teas of all the teas that I have sipped throughout the year; teas from around the world in distant remote lands and teas from local tea shops. The Top Ten Teas Box also includes teaware and tea utensils as well as coupons and samples from tea produces from around the world. You are sure to have an exceptional sipping experience, learn more about tea and tea providers from around the world, as well as enjoy teaware, utensils, and other items that enhance your tea time. There are thousands of subscribers and followers of Tea End Blog so order your Top Ten Teas Box now before you miss out on this VIP and unique sipping experience. 79.99 USD + tax, free shipping. Boxes will begin shipping March 31, 2019.


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Which tea are you excited to steep?

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