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"I'd Rather Be READING" by Anne Bogel

How often do you think about reading when you’re doing some other activity? A true bookworm would probably answer: always! I truly would rather be reading than participating in any other form of leisure and it seems that author and Modern Mrs Darcy blogger, Anne Bogel, feels exactly the same way; her book, “I’d Rather Be READING” details the delights and dilemmas of the reading life.

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Page Count: 156

Author: Anne Bogel

Published Date: 2018

Publishing Company: BakerBooks

Type: Hardcover

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Book Reviews: Healing Herbal Teas by Sarah Farr

“I’d Rather Be READING” pleasantly took me back into my reading history and I began to see just what type of reader my past readings have helped me to become. The friendships, romances, and crime scenes of my reading past have not only shaped what type of reader I am but also what type of person I am.

There are a few black and white illustrations in the book that resemble sketches or jots. Although the images aren’t very detailed, I guess they are able to visually express the points made. I personally believe that the book could have gone without them as the written word was more descriptive than most illustrations. Some of the illustrations were a little confusing and left me pondering momentarily their purpose.

Book Reviews: I'd Rather Be READING by Anne Bogel

Literary Sins

Anne Bogel starts Chapter 1 with Confessions of a True Bookworm. I found the confessions hilarious but also endearing as we all have literary sins to confess. Bogel describes literary sins as the shame that all bookworms tend to carry about a specific delight or dilemma of the reading life. Here are a few of my literary sins:

1. I have only read "Animal Farm" by George Orwell and none of his other books.

2. I have read less of Jane Austen's books than I have seen films about them.

3. I am still trying to complete Edgar Allen Poe's poetry ever since elementary school.

4. I subconsciously (or consciously) stole my favorite childhood book from my elementary school library.

5. I never could get into Moby Dick.

6. I have a weird and completely unnecessary rule that if I start a book then I must finish it which has lead me to read begrudgingly at times.

7. It took me years to figure out what color I would paint my bookshelf. Yes, it's that serious... I went with white.

There's (unfortunately) plenty more sins where these came from! LOL What are some of your literary sins?

My Most Influential Books

On page 43 of Chapter 5 of "Id Rather Be READING", Bogel leads the reader to remember their most influential books. Here are some of the categories she brings up and my response to each:

My fav book in elementary school: "Afternoon of the Elves" by Janet Taylor Lisle

My fav book in middle school: "Gone But Not Forgotten" by Phillip Margolin

My fav book in high school: "Forever Amber" by Kathleen Winsor

Bogel also helped me remember the first book that made me cry (Where the Red Fern Grows), the books that gave me a different perspective (To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman). Bogel reminded me of the my beloved book turned movie (Forever Amber) and the shear disappointment when the movie was nothing like the book. "Id Rather Be READING" is truly a book that will make you reminisce about everything you have ever read and will help you realize just how it has influenced your current reading life.


Don't Be 'Book Bossy'

An excerpt from

"I'd Rather Be READING.", pg. 61

..."I wanted what was best for my friend, and my book recommendation - if you can call it that - reflected that. But because its subject matter, that book also reflected that I thought her life was a Big Fat Mess at the moment, and she should do something about it...I'd been bossy. Book bossy..."

According to Bogel's defnition, I would not want to be ‘Book Bossy' because it's just not cool. Reading is extremely personal and only the person knows what's good for them to read at any given moment. Suggesting a book in hopes that a person will apply the written counsel is exactly the same as giving unsolicited advice; just don't.

Book Reviews: Healing Herbal Teas by Sarah Farr

If you don’t mind a stroll down your reading memory lane or a gentle pep talk to keep reading and trusting the type of reader you’ve become, then make “I’d Rather Be READING” by Anne Bogel your next read! I thoroughly obtained enlightenment and encouragement from reading it and who’s to say that you won’t derive the same!

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What are your most influential books?

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