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Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

Do you prefer hardcover or paperback books? Did you know that your preference actually may say a lot about your personality and your bookish habits? Discover if you're a hardcover fanatic, a paperback pro or both and what your book type preference may say about your personality.

Answer the questions below with either A or B. For every A that you choose, give yourself 1 point and for every B that you choose, give yourself 2 points. Tally up your points in the end and discover your bookish personality.

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Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

A = 1 point B = 2 points

Q1: When it comes to your childhood, do you remember being…

A. A loner, alone time was so much fun

B. Always with your friends, there was nothing like play time

Q2: How would you best describe yourself:

A. I like the finer things in life and am willing to pay for them. If I receive a discount, even better!

B. I am thrifty, always looking for a way to save money.

Q3: How would you best describe yourself:

A. When I purchase something, I'm willing to pay a little extra to make sure it lasts for as long as it possibly can.

B. I like searching for deals so if I have to repurchase something later, that’s ok.

Q4: If I won 10,000 U.S. dollars, I would…

A. …invest in a business venture that would eventually give me residuals (and maybe buy a new book or two…)

B. …finally take the travel trips that I've been dreaming of and use the left over money to buy more books.

Q5: I am more likely to…

A. …post about a book I just read on social media hoping that those who are interested will purchase and read the book.

B. …suggest books directly to my friends giving them a selection from my personal library.

Q6: When buying a greeting card for a friend, I probably would…

A. …be more likely to choose a well-written card made of quality paper that feels good to the touch.

B. …purchase a bright and fun card that reminds my friend of a conversation we had.

Q7: I find myself buying books that…

A. …remind me of my childhood and the beginning of my love for reading.

B. …come in sequels, I really enjoy going deep into a story-line.

Q8: How would you best describe yourself?

A. I enjoy being home, my interior decoration reflects my personality and reminds me of all of my best moments in life.

B. I love being on-the-go, I can make home anywhere.

Q9: Where are you most likely doing Friday night?

A. I am finally cuddled up on my favorite chair reading the book I've been trying to dig into all week.

B. I am out with friends having drinks and telling them about the new book that I just finished reading.

Q10: If you had to choose, which would be more desirable:

A. A personal library filled with classics and special editions.

B. A personal library filled with sequels and top sellers.

Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

Tally Your Score!

10-13 pts. The Calm & Collector

If you scored anywhere from 10 to 13 points then you most likely prefer hardcover books. You probably enjoy collecting classics that remind you of your past and your childhood reading history. You will pay more for a book purely for aesthetic. Your bookshelves look like a well-orchestrated symphony (your Jane Austen special editions are sitting pretty) and you're probably listening to one as you sit and sip your tea and read all Friday night long. You enjoy the finer things in life and you are willing to pay extra for something if it will last as long as possible, after all, it's a good investment. People that know you see you as wise and collected, calm and successful, professional and sophisticated.

14-16 pts. The Bookishly Balanced

If you scored anywhere from 14 to 16 points then you don't really care whether your books are hardcover or paperback. You enjoy a grab-and-go book but you also find yourself purchasing hardcover classics by your favorite authors like Dickens and Austen. Your personal library may not be as elaborate as some others' but it is organized and holds all the books that you can't wait to read and those that are dear to you. On Friday, you'd rather take your book with you because you're meeting up with your bestie; you two tend to crash at home afterwards and discuss what you both loved about the same book. You like a deal but will pay a little extra for that one special book. Your friends see you as balanced and jovial, friendly and relatable, reasonable and practical.

17-20 pts. The Social Bookworm

If you scored anywhere from 17 to 20 points then you most likely prefer paperback books. You're always on the go and constantly sharing your books so you could never have a lot of heavy or expensive books. But don't be fooled, you are a serious reader and you probably have read every series in the genre of your choice and you are (somewhat) patiently waiting for the newest release. You are very thoughtful and try to watch your carbon footprint and avoid excess. You enjoy conversations surrounding the books you read and your friends see you as thrifty and thoughtful, extroverted and adventurous, responsible and dedicated.

Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

I really hope you enjoyed taking this quiz to determine your book type preference and personality. Be sure to share this quiz with your fellow bookworms so that they too may learn their bookish preference and personality.

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What was your score and what else should we know about your bookish personality?

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