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Wine. All The Time. by Marissa A. Ross

Sometimes I have no idea what to look for when I’m purchasing wine and I just go with something that I have sipped before or the prettiest bottle, hoping that it tastes good. Marissa A. Ross, "Wine. All the Time." author and blogger, told me that I could confidently drink wine in no time! After reading her book, I think I am convinced.

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Page Count: 281

Author: Marissa A. Ross

Published Date: 2017

Publishing Company: Plume

Type: Paperback

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Book Reviews: Healing Herbal Teas by Sarah Farr

I really appreciate how at the end of each chapter of "Wine. All the Time." there are ‘To-Drink Lists’ that guide you along the way. Having a check list at the end of each chapter solidifies the information you just learned and makes for a fun interactive reading experience.

The illustrations of wine labels are also extremely helpful. I feel much more confident to go down the wine aisle, pick up a bottle, read the label and actually understand what I am reading and looking for!

Book Reviews: Wine. All The Time. by Marissa A. Ross

The hardest part to read of “Wine. All the Time.” by Marissa A. Ross for me, is the section entitled, “Regions to Recognize”. This section, personally, is such a bore (which probably means that it may be the most important part of the book) and I found myself really dragging through the 37 pages. Learning about wine regions really isn't all that much interesting to me but I am sure the information will come in handy later.

On page 229 of “Wine. All the Time.” there is a product suggestion that will save your life! Well, maybe not your life but your rug’s life. A product called Wine Away magically removes wine from your upholstery so you can worry less about your guests’ wobbly hands and focus more on serving great wine.


Pairing Your Wine With Music

An excerpt from

"Wine. All the Time.", pg. 244

..."There are many reasons why a wine's taste could vary from one bottle to another, even in the same vintage. But maybe-just maybe- it tastes different because Bright Eyes came on shuffle. Everyone groaned the groan of the emo generation and told you to turn, you didn't. You let a slow bummer of a song play as you encouraged everyone to tip their glasses of fun, zippy wine to their frowning lips. Considering Fleet Foxes can make Zinfandel taste like Viognier, it isn't that far-fetched to think that Bright Eyes may have blown your bottle..."

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Are you thinking about learning more about wine and becoming more of a confident drinker? “Wine. All the Time.” by Marissa A. Ross may be your very next read! I certainly feel more knowledgeable on wine and I really do have a brand new confidence to purchasing and sipping wine so who’s to say that you won’t have the same experience!

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What is your favorite wine?

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