The Tattered Jacket Bookstore | Lancaster, TX

When I found out that there was only one book shop in Lancaster, a sub-city of Dallas, I had to check it out. So, I jumped on Isabelle (my dream bike) and head to the Town Square to see what The Tattered Jacket Bookstore was all about. I was pleasantly surprised and, in an effort, to inspire you to visit and support your local book stores I have decided to share my experience with you.

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Greeting me outside the bookstore were reasonably priced books (who can beat 50 cents!). There were also free magazines about Dallas site-seeing and I actually forgot to grab one! You can never know too much about your home town.

There were plenty of seating inside the bookstore as if to encourage in-store reading. I love that! There’s something so comforting and inspiring about standing or sitting (I actually sat on the floor in one aisle) in between book laden shelves. Perhaps it’s the many authors and many words, the creativity of it all. I’m not sure, but I just feel so inspired in a bookstore.

In The Tattered Jacket Bookstore there is a larger sitting area with cushioned and comfy seating. Being surrounded by books makes me feel like I am at home in my own personal library. Oh, by the way, the owners are really nice especially the lady of the bookstore (I forget her name, I’m really bad at remembering names). None the less, she was sweet and helpful, and she gave me quite a bit of information about the bookstore. Once a month a book club meets (how exciting!) and there are many community events that take place at The Tattered Jacket Bookstore. There’s also a service dog (I forgot her name too) who was friendly and sort of lent to the entire home-y feeling of the store.

SIDE NOTE: What is really cool is that the owners built an apartment in the back of the bookstore so The Tattered Bookstore is the most quintessential of bookstores in the sense that the owners actually live in it which makes me think of a movie; actually there are 6 Book Club Movies That You Must See!

The lady of the bookstore wanted to preserve an antique children’s book so she took the pages out of the book and framed some of them. One was a little riddle of a girl named Polly who was supposed to put the kettle on. I don’t know who Polly is but if she’s making tea she’s my friend!

What is more, The Tattered Jacket Bookstore offered complimentary tea and if you use one of their embossed tea mugs you could take it home! So neat!

The Tattered Jacket Bookstore has a special place in my heart since it so happens to be the only bookstore in Lancaster. It’s only a 20-minute bike ride away and I have a feeling that each time I go I will leave with a bike basket full of TBRs.

The Tattered Jacket Bookstore | 125 Historic Town Square, Lancaster, TX 75146 | Hours: Sun.-Tue. closed, Wed., Fri., & Sat. 10AM-5PM | Thur. 10AM-5:30PM | (214) 613-6360

Do you like to visit local bookstores?

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