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"Likes For Likes"...Um...No Thank You.

This blog post may hit some nerves but just know that if you're reading it, I'm not talking about you! I'm talking about all those who like for likes but don't really like anything...let me explain...

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Social media interaction notifcation

I noticed that there's this new concept that so happens to be also a lie and since I've never been one who could keep my mouth shut about the truth...well, voila: the creation of this post.

So, what is the lie exactly? The lie is one that circulates within social media or even within the blogging realm. It is the "like for likes" concept or even the "follow for a follow" idea. What I noticed is that sometimes people will comment on or like someone's photos simply with the goal of getting someone to like their posts or follow their page. I hate this concept! Allow me to explain...

First of all, what happened to the good old days when people liked you because they wanted to? Why is it all of sudden cool to like, follow. or subscribe because you are forced to? I know that likes, comments, and follows can equal mullah in some instances but is the bottom dollar all that matters?

For instance, take Tea End Blog as an example, I'd rather for people to follow Tea End Blog because they enjoy information about tea and books and they don't mind seeing the wiles of an opinionated tea sipping bookworm. I'm not interested in liking for likes or following for follows. I am interested in making real connections with true tea sipping bookworms like me!

Liking for likes makes it really difficult to find authentic followers and subscribers which in the long run affects the bottom dollar...if that's something that you must care about (after all, not all blogs are pro bono).

Facebook "Like" symbol

The second reason why I hate the "like for likes" concept is because it teaches people to give with the intent of getting. This is very dangerous to a person's character and to a person's spirituality (I'm into that kind of stuff...). You don't want to become someone who gives only with the expectation of receiving. Giving freely makes us happy, it feeds our soul, and also prevents us from holding or giving negative energy. When you do things out of love, you are bound to have success.

Like a picture because you really like it or perhaps you don't like it so much but you know that the person who posted the picture put a lot of hard work into it. Like the picture simply because the person posting it likes it! But don't like a pic because you hope that the person will like yours.

If you have a social media account think about the last time you received a "Cool pic" or "Want more followers?" from a random account. How did you feel? Did you feel encouraged and inspired to do more? Or were you more annoyed? Did it leave you wanting to work harder, or did it make you wonder if your work was even being seen?

Now think about a positive and sincere reaction to one of your posts. How did you feel? Encouraged perhaps? Appreciated?

Like I said, actions that aren't done out of love and sincerity will pass along negativity and leave the receiver feeling empty. Do all things with love, even when it comes to liking a pic on social media.

I hate the "likes for likes" concept and I feel that it's a lie that I will continue to reject. if I like your pic just know that I also appreciate your work. If I comment on your pic then I was moved to speak about it and if I follow your account or blog it's because I admire you. And you don't have to do the same for me. I'm OK with that.


Be honest, I want to hear your perspective! How do you feel about the "likes for likes" concept?

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