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Cycling Adventures 1.1: I Almost Got Arrested Because There Wasn't A Bike Rack...

This tea sipping bookworm almost got locked up today because I took my bike into a store after I realized that the store didn't have bike racks. play to see the full story...

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Police car in the city

I can't believe that the store manager in Dollar General was really going to call the police on me for simply bringing my bike in the store and for not wanting to put it outside while I shopped. Keep in mind that my husband and I have lived in the community for almost 5 years and have shopped at this location ever since it opened about 2 years ago. This entire experience makes me not want to shop at that particular location ever again and I am also a little weary about cycling to any store.

"Customer Complaint" as the "Enter" button on a black keyboard with an index finger

I have already put in a complaint and intend to follow through with it because I just feel like there are so many things not right with the way I was treated and the unreasonableness that ensued. Perhaps I am being dramatic as the rookie cyclist that I am, what do you think?


Do you have any bad cyclist stories?

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