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Review Request: How should I respond to the email?

Hey tea sipping bookworms! I am super sick today and so very under the weather that I just sipped like 6 cups of a lavender-chamomile blend to put me back to sleep (lol). Before I pass out, however, I wanted to know your opinion on something…

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Purple Tea by JusTea after lemon juice is added

So, I would like to know if you would be interested in seeing a review of the bottled version of this tea. I have already performed a full Tea Review on Purple Tea by JusTea, however, the company is releasing a ready-to-drink version of this tea and they're wondering if you would like to know more about it.

The company has reached out to me via email and I am wondering what I should say. Now that there are Tea End Blog Services, including Tea Reviews, I am careful with which teas I share upon request now on Tea End Blog. I will only make this type of sacrifice if 1) I really love the tea myself or 2) you really want to hear about a particular tea. So, take a look at the information below and perhaps the Purple Tea by JusTea Tea Review and let me know either yes or no; yes, you want me to review the bottled version or no, you're not interested.

Youthberry by Teavana tea tin

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Should I review Kabaki

Purple Tea?

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