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Youthberry | Teavana

Do you have a summer tea? Summer teas are usually marked by brisk freshness with natural sweet notes and an invigorating appeal. Youthberry by Teavana is just a tea with tangy berry notes, a natural sweetness, and a floral finish. Enjoy the last month of summer with this sip!

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THE HUE: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Youthberry is a white tea blended with dried fruits such as açai berries and pineapples. The usual pale yellow hue of white tea is deeply tinted by the blend of berries as well as hibiscus and rose petals lending a deep orange-red hue that is reminiscent of a summer sun-set.

The hue of Youthberry by Teavana is so beautiful and palpable in sight making it the perfect summer tea to pour over ice in that beautiful pitcher you’ve been waiting to use all season.

Youthberry by Teavana tea tin


THE SCENT: Youthberry | Teavana

You can imagine the scent of Youthberry being a white tea blended with fruits and flowers. It literally smells like a bouquet of fruit and florals! What I found to be really interesting and pleasant was that the white tea scent doesn’t get lost amidst the berries and botanicals, instead, it pierces through them so strikingly you will not help but to notice. I really enjoy when a blend pays respect to the tea itself, it’s a little disappointing when a blend hides the nature of the tea.

THE SCENT: Youthberry | Teavana


THE SIP: Youthberry | Teavana

Without 2 teaspoons of honey, Youthberry by Teavana has a clean, naturally berry sweet which ends in a floral note. It is as though you are sipping berry and flower infused water. The grounding, herbal, and nutty notes of white tea balance and settle the entire sip.

With 2 teaspoons of honey, Youthberry by Teavana becomes sweeter as the berries attach themselves to the sugars in the honey. The astringency from the tartness of pineapple, the berries, and the white tea becomes a little more evident lending a briskness to the tea.

SIDE NOTE: Like many white teas blended with fruits and flowers, Youthberry by Teavana tastes delicious chilled. Add a little honey and ice and you're all set to sip the summer away!

THE SIP: Youthberry | Teavana
Tea Reviews: Youthberry | Teavana

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