DIY: Second-hand Jewelry Box Into Rustic-chic Tea Box!

Every now and then I like a fun DIY project especially when it’s related to sipping or reading. Some time ago, I purchased a jewelry box at a second-hand store and ever since I have been meaning to refurbish it into a tea box. Since I am working on decorating my very own apothecary, I think now is the perfect time for me to show you how I turned an old jewelry box into a super chic tea box.

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To prepare the jewelry box to be transformed into a tea box, I had to remove all of the features that made it perfect for jewelry, but not so perfect for tea. Hooks and pockets had to go! So, I ripped everything out of the box and also removed the hardware so that I could give the box a good sanding down.

It didn’t take long to spray paint the small box (matte black) and hardware (metallic gold). I created my own stencil for the letters but the only thing that I wish I would have realized to do is simply use a paint brush to paint in the letters. Spray painting only caused the paint to bleed through and afterwards I had to go back and retouch the letters to make it all look crisp. Imperfections existed where they would have not had I used the paint-in method first.

All the materials that I used on this tea box transformation were left-overs from other projects making this DIY practically penny-less. I decided to use some authentic white leather left over from a sofa my husband and I had reupholstered.

The only parts that I kept within the box are the wooden dividers which function perfectly as sections for different teas. At first, I kept the box matte black as it was, but when I kept noticing the imperfections around the letters I thought that a little distressing may remedy it. And it did! The box looks so much better distressed and now you barely even notice the imperfections around the letters.

Now I have a fully functional tea box to store newly blended teas and natural remedies in my apothecary! I hope this DIY inspires you to take something old and make it like-new!

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How do you store your tea?

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