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White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Finding a perfect summer tea is like finding an honest friend to with whom you can share great times; it’s refreshing! White Rose Tea by K&G Blended is blended with my favorite tea type (white) and bears the name of my favorite flower. I am so excited to share this delightful and uplifting tea with you!

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THE HUE: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Normally, white teas steep into a soft yellow hue that seems to whisper in the tea cup. I remember the first time I steeped a white tea, I kept double-checking to see if I had brewed it for the correct amount of time because the hue was such a pale and soft hue of yellow.

Since White Rose Tea is blended with rose buds and petals, it takes on a deeper hue when steeped. The soft yellow of the white tea steeped with the bold pink and reds of the rose buds and petals create a golden yellow brew. The color is soothing and grounding.



THE SCENT: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Since there are only two ingredients in White Rose Tea by K&G Blended it is not difficult to notice their distinctions. I would say that the dominant scent is rose: floral and malty with an overall air of sweetness. The secondary scent is white tea: fresh and air-y until the heaviness of the nutty notes grounds you and forces you to stop and smell the roses…again.

THE SCENT: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended


THE SIP: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

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Without 2 teaspoons of honey, White Rose Tea by K&G Blended has a clean, fresh, and floral taste. Astringent floral notes perform a delicate dance with light and playful but grounding white tea notes.

With 2 teaspoons of honey, White Rose Tea by K&G Blended has a sweet, dessert-like, and palpable taste. The sugars from the honey attach themselves to the rose notes making them less astringent and smoother on the palate. Nutty notes from the white tea become more profound and more grounding.

SIDE NOTE: The first time I sipped White Rose Tea by K&G Blended I steeped about 2 tablespoons of tea at 180°F for about 3 minutes. I took a sip of the tea immediately after the steep and found it to be too astringent, the astringency seeming to mask all other notes. When I let the tea cool down, the other flavors came alive so much so that it made me think that this tea would taste better chilled. I was right! After sweetening and chilling about 1 cup of White Rose Tea I realized that I had found my #Summer2018Tea!

THE SIP: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended


I love white tea so much that I made it my aim to talk about it in detail for 5 months straight on Tea End Blog! One could say that it’s my little homage to the amazing beverage that is white tea (in a French accent).

During my 5 month white tea rant (laughing) I talked about what exactly is white tea, how to steep white tea, the different types of white tea, how to spot fraudulent white tea, and 2 health benefits of white tea.

Tea Reviews: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

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What is your #Summer2018Tea?

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