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Coconut Tea | CAcafe

It’s rare that I even vibe with instant teas as they are usually low-quality blends. While perusing the tea aisle of my local grocery store, I stumbled upon a new instant tea that peaked my interest. Coconut Tea by CAcafe lended an interesting experience that I must share with you.

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THE HUE: Coconut Tea | CAcafe

Coconut Tea by CAcafe is made of 4 ingredients: coconut, cane sugar, green tea, and maltodextrin starch (the only ingredient that I feel uncomfortable with in this tea). Honestly, I thought this coconut tea would be ‘matcha meets coconut’ rendering it green in hue. Instead, Coconut by CAcafe is the same hue of my thé au lait.

Creamy and smooth in appearance, Coconut Tea by CAcafe is muted by the white hues of coconut and maltodextrin giving it a cashmere color.

SIDE NOTE: Like, seriously, what is maltodextrin, anyway? Upon doing a little research I concluded that it is an artificial taste enhancer that has no health benefits and has side effects similar to all artificial food enhancers. Although I'll try almost any tea once, I don't really feel comfortable continuously purchasing a tea that is artificially enhanced in flavor. I'm a true tea sipper and I like my tea to be left alone. Honestly, I wish CAcafe would have considered this when blending their Coconut Tea.



THE SCENT: Paris | Harney & Sons

If you think that Coconut Tea by CAcafe smells like coconut then you’d be absolutely and undeniably... CORRECT (laughing). How could this tea smell like anything else? Coconut is the most dominant scent in this tea.

I took several deep whiffs to see if I’d be able to detect any green tea smells. Nope! This tea is all coconut! What I find to be truly pleasant is the way that the scent lifts into the air when you add water to 2 heaping tablespoons of Coconut Tea by CAcafe. It is so rejuvenating!

THE SCENT: Paris | Harney & Sons


THE SIP: Paris | Harney & Sons

Coconuts are 90% water so if you add more than 8 ounces to 2 heaping tablespoons of Coconut Tea by CAcafe then you may get a watered-down version of what should be a full bodied and creamy tea. Coconut Tea by CAcafe is smooth like silk on the tongue and quite cleansing. I like the subtlety of the coconut, it’s not like right in your face and although the green tea can’t really be detected by the palette it lends clean and refreshing notes to the tea.

Normally, I would tell you how a tea tastes with and without 2 teaspoons of honey but since Coconut Tea by CAcafe is sweetened with cane sugar, there was no need to add another sweetener. I did, however, add a stick of cinnamon to ground the taste of Coconut Tea since I tend to like heavier teas in the morning.

THE SIP: Paris | Harney & Sons


Coconut and the oils derived from them are extremely healthy for you. They contain fatty acids that are processed differently than most fats. The fats from coconuts go straight to the liver where they can be used as a quick source of energy or turned into ketones. Ketones can have powerful benefits on cognitive health and have been studied in the treatment of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Oils from coconuts can also help suppress hunger and burn fat around the abdomen, therefore being a useful aid in dieting and loosing weight. Coconut tea is a pleasant and practical way to be more health conscious.

Tea Reviews: Coconut Tea | CAcafe
Tea Reviews: Coconut Tea | CAcafe

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Could you vouch for an instant tea? Which?

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