Product Review: Green Tea Mint ChapStick

I know you’d probably like for green tea to pass through your lips but what about if it sat right on top? ChapStick has produced a new line of natural lip balms and one of them is Green Tea Mint. Honestly, it just seems like the perfect lip balm for us tea obsessed bookworms…

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What I liked...

1. It Really Smells Like Tea

Green Tea Mint ChapStick really does smell like a sweetened green tea with mint. However, the scent isn’t overwhelming and can only be detected when the lip butter is applied.

2. Smooth Application

I rarely purchase lip balm by the ChapStick brand because their other products usually leave my lips feeling weighed down and sticky. Green Tea Mint ChapStick is smooth, butter-y, and does not feel heavy on my lips.

3. Moisturizing

The entire purpose of lip butter is to prevent your lips from getting chapped. Green Tea Mint by ChapStick is very moisturizing and I notice that my lips remain soft and supple long after each application.

4. 100% Natural

I always feel good about products when they are natural, especially if I intend to apply them to my skin. ChapStick claims that Green Tea Mint lip butter is 100% natural using naturally sourced ingredients including sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

5. Great Price

At a local store called Dollar General, I purchased Green Tea Mint ChapStick for only $1! You just can’t beat a dollar deal

What I did not like...

1. Multiple Ingredients

Oddly, even though ChapStick claims that Green Tea Mint lip butter is 100% natural, it contains 19 ingredients all of which aren’t recognizable. Ingredients such as ‘flavor’ and 'tocopheryl acetate' left me scratching my head and wondering just how natural Green Tea Mint ChapStick really is…

Sometimes, I don’t want to glam up with a lot of make-up, so I skip the lip stick and opt for a lip butter that will give me a moist lip that can pair well with a dewy and natural make-up look. Green Tea Mint ChapStick will now be my go-to lip to complete my simple make-up routine.

I hope you enjoyed this product review of Green Tea Mint ChapStick and if you would like to see a particular tea or book product reviewed then let me know in the comments!

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What is currently your favorite lip balm?

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