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Dandelion Day: Harvesting Dandelions In My Front Yard

Dandelion Day is a special day dedicated to the wonderful dandelion plant. During this day, it is appropriate to express appreciation for our beautiful planet, for the amazing and joyful season that is spring, and to pay homage to dandelion.

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Happy 'Tea for Two Tuesday'!
Dandelion Day: The root of the dandelion plant
Dandelion Day: Dandelion Root Tea by Buddha's Herbs
Dandelion Day: Dandelion Root Tea by Buddha's Herbs

Harvesting dandelions can be really tricky as there are other plants that resemble it. I must admit, I became duped several times during my harvest as looking for dandelion plants without the obvious indicators of their flowers and seeds is really difficult! I hope to get better at spotting the young dandelion plants.

Dandelion Root Tea is a delicious and satisfying brew, but did you know it also does wonders for your digestive health? Anytime I have indigestion or upset stomach, I always reach for Dandelion Root Tea by Buddha’s Herbs of which I have already performed a Tea Review. Dandelion Root Tea eases my upset stomach and indigestion with only the first few sips!

If you’re in the dandelion harvesting mood like me, then perhaps you would like to know how to prepare your dandelion roots for tea…


How To Prepare Dandelion Roots For Tea

1. Harvest dandelion plants without seeds or flowers; make sure you don't cut off the root when digging the plant up!

2. Clean the root thoroughly to remove dirt; try using a scrub brush - the dandelion roots should become white and have the texture of parsnips.

3. Chop the dandelion root into 1/4 inch pieces

4. Dry the dandelion roots in an oven until crisp and hard

5. TO PREPARE TEA: Boil 1 teaspoon of dandelion roots in 1 cup of water for approximately 15 minutes. Strain in a tea cup or mug and enjoy!


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Do dandelions grow wild where you live?

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