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Types of White Tea

Tea Knowledge | What Is White Tea?

Out of the five white tea types I have had the privilege of tasting 3: White Peony, Silver Needle, and Imperial White; the latter being one of the most sophisticated varietals of white tea. Each white tea type provides a unique sipping experience worthy of prominence. In this March edition of Tea Knowledge – White Tea, you will learn about 3 Types of White Tea.

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Tea Knowledge | Types of White Tea: White Peony

Also know as ‘Bai Mudan’, White Peony tea has its origin in Fujian, China. White Peony is made early in the summer where the leaves during this time have peculiar white hair that makes the brew texture distinguished and smooth. The flavor profile of White Peony is a delicate herb-y-ness with autumn aromas and a sweet nutty flavor. Like all white teas, White Peony is very low in caffeine content.



Tea Knowledge | Types of White Tea: Silver Needle

Silver Needle tea is produced in Fujian, Fuding and in Zhenghe, China and has another name of YinZhen. Its name derives from the unique shape of the tea leaves that resemble thin needles with fine silvery hair. Silver Needle is made entirely from tender white buds that are covered with silver-white hairs and boasts light and sweet but full-bodied notes.



Tea Knowledge | Types of White Tea: Imperial White

Imperial White, being of the more sophisticated white teas, has its origin in Ningde, Fujian, China which is nestled between the oceans and the mountains in the northeastern corner of China’s Fujian province. Since Imperial White is grown on a high elevation, the flavor can vary drastically depending on their proximity to the coast or inland mountains. If Imperial White is grown on a high elevation further inland, the tea can have a full-boded taste with chestnut aromas and a hint of smokiness.



Notes: a term used to describe the various tastes or characteristics of a tea; a tea can have several notes or tastes depending on the steep and temperature.


Now that you have been introduced to these three white tea types, perhaps you will know where to begin your white tea sipping journey. If you’re still not familiar with What Is White Tea or How To Steep White Tea then stick around! Stay tuned next month for the Tea Knowledge topic: How To Spot Fraudulent White Tea?

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What types of white tea have you sipped?

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