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Did you know that matcha has more caffeine than coffee? What is more, you can improve your mental clarity without the jitters. The Japanese Green Tea Co. has taken matcha a step further by adding the citrus flavors of lemon and orange to give the green beverage an added kick.

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Green as grass in spring, this is the perfect description for the hue of Lemon & Orange Matcha by the Japanese Green Tea Co. The color excites with every sip!


The scent of Lemon & Orange Matcha is subtle, not overwhelming. Once you open the packages, you are greeted with either a soft and sweet lemon or orange aroma.


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Lemon & Orange Matcha by the Japanese Green Tea Co. both come sweetened with sugar. There is no need to add honey to the final steep. The matcha is subtle, I wouldn’t say it’s the most potent matcha that I have ever tasted, which makes it less of a novelty to sip; however, the pre-sweetened citrus flavors make it a perfect tea to quickly steep for a chilled beverage or cocktail.



Metabolism Boost | Studies have shown that regular matcha drinkers have 35-40% higher metabolic rates than those who don’t drink matcha.

No Halitosis | Matcha contains chlorophyll, a chemical found in plants known to detoxify your liver, blood and digestive tracts. A clean gut also eliminates bad breath and body odor.

Stabilize Blood Sugar | Dietary fiber found in matcha green tea can help prevent insulin spikes. Matcha can also slow down the development of type 1 diabetes and regulate glucose levels of diabetics.

Lower Blood Pressure | Catechins, found in matcha, inhibit angiotensin, which allows for less contraction of blood vessels and lower blood pressure. *Note: adding milk inhibits the effect of catechins.

I can see myself creating fun and refreshing chilled beverages with these pre-prepared packets of Lemon & Orange Matcha by the Japanese Green Tea Co.

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What flavored matcha would you prefer?

Lemon or Orange?

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