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How To Steep White Tea

Tea Knowledge | What Is White Tea?

White tea is absolutely phenomenal when steeped correctly. A well steeped white tea can be delicious, revealing, and refreshing, what is more, white tea’s health benefits are either enhanced or inhibited by the way it’s steeped. In this February edition of Tea Knowledge – White Tea, you will learn How To Steep White Tea.

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Steep white tea at 170°-180°F (77°-82°C). Steeping white tea lower than 170°F will not fully open up the leaves and release the tea’s essence. Steeping the tea at a temperature higher than 180°F will release more tannins giving the tea a ‘burned’ or bitter taste.



To experience the perfect essence of white tea, a steep of about 3-4 minutes long is appropriate. Just know that the longer the tea steeps in the hot water, the more the tannins will be released in which the bitterness may deprive you of certain tea notes or tastes unique to your leaves.



Tannin: a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substance present in tea plants.

Tea Knowledge | What Is White Tea?

Steeping white tea is quite relaxing and the soft yellow hue of white tea lends to peacefulness and mental clarity. Check out “Steep Times & Temps For Every Type of Tea” and “Steep Right or Die – Steep Times & Temps” for more steeping tips and fun facts and be sure to stay tuned next month for the Tea Knowledge topic: Types of White Tea.

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Do you find steeping tea relaxing?

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