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Why Every Blogger Should Have A Thesaurus

Why Every Blogger Should Have A Thesaurus

Did you know that the word ‘thesaurus’ derives from the Greek word thésauros, which means storehouse of precious items or treasure? I find my thesaurus to be a treasure-chest of valuable diction that helps me be a better blogger. Whether you’re a writer, blogger or simply wanting to improve your vocabulary and expression, the thesaurus is a gem that is worth discovering.

In this article, I share the reasons why I believe every blogger should own a thesaurus, how to correctly use a thesaurus and I even share the thesaurus that I use. Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered in Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!


Why Do You Need A Thesaurus?

The purpose of a thesaurus is to find a synonym to a word that you already know. Every writer dreads repeating words as words express ideas, feelings and word-pictures.

If a writer does not have an enlarged vocabulary it will become difficult for the writer to write in a captivating and non-monotone fashion.

A thesaurus not only helps a writer find synonyms, but it also assists in finding antonyms, which are words opposite the meaning of the word in mind.

Knowing these facts, you can now understand why having a thesaurus is paramount to any writer. To avoid repeating words and rendering your work boring or life-less, you must own a thesaurus.


How Do You Use A Thesaurus?

Since early thesauruses were really dictionaries, some may be confused as to their use. Today, thesauruses and dictionaries are separate and used differently.

A thesaurus should be used in conjunction with a dictionary since the meaning of a suggested word in a thesaurus may need further explanation. Don’t be afraid to even read your thesaurus as you would a book! I find this to be really entertaining…but then again, I am a tea sipping bookworm

Here’s an example of how you use a thesaurus: I am going to create a short paragraph pretending to describe two characters. Then I will search in my thesaurus for synonyms and antonyms to ameliorate the sentence. See the sentence below, the highlighted words are the words I wish to change:

Victoria’s thoughts were arrested on his physique. She felt ashamed by her vanity as she knew he was not vain.

Regarding the word 'ashamed', let’s pretend that I have already used it in previous paragraphs and I don’t want to repeat it. The phrase, 'not vain', is very elementary; let’s find an antonym instead.

Under the word 'ashamed' in my thesaurus it suggests 'see Guilty'. The synonyms mentioned are 'blamable' and 'culpable'. There are also related words beneath if I would like to be a little less direct but convey a more dramatic thought process for Victoria. In this case, I will choose the synonym 'culpable'.

Now let's find an antonym for the phrase 'not vain'. I won’t be able to look up phrases in the thesaurus so instead I will find the word 'vain' under which antonyms will be listed. In my thesaurus under the word 'vain', I am suggested to 'see Conceited'.

Under 'conceited', there are many antonyms. I think the simple antonym 'humble' fits. Here is the completed short paragraph:

Victoria’s thoughts were arrested on his physique. She felt culpable by her vanity as she knew he was humble.


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The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus is the best-selling thesaurus in America and so happens to be the perfect dictionary companion. I use this thesaurus because of the reputation of the company that has been publishing since 1831. The name alone ensures quality and authority.


Do you see why every blogger or writer should own a thesaurus? Finding the perfect word is like finding lost treasure. If you don’t own a thesaurus, today is the day to purchase one as today is Thesaurus Day! Why not give The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus a try?

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Do you use a thesaurus?

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