La Foléré Tea of Cameroon, Africa

Did you know that “la foléré” (lah FOH-leh-reh) can literally translate into “the madwoman”? The French term is one used by Cameroonians to describe hibiscus, an herbal tea known to have drunken affects on some (myself included). La Foléré is still sip-worthy and also so happens to be extremely beneficial for your health.

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La Foléré Tea is derived from the pointy petals of the flower bearing the name of Sorrel, L’oseille de Guinée (Sorrel of Guinea) or even the more familiar term in the States: hibiscus. These flowers are crimson in color which leaves no doubt why the brew is deep red.


La Foléré, the dried petals, have a faint floral scent. I would liken it to potpourri that has slightly lost its potency. The brewed beverage has a tart and fresh aroma.


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Without 2 teaspoons of honey, La Foléré is tart with hints of a starch note near the end of the sip which reminds me of a rice taste lending a certain heaviness to the steep.

With 2 teaspoons of honey, La Foléré remains tart but the sugars from the honey attach themselves to the tartness and to the starchiness creating a ‘kick’ that makes the brew even more refreshing. This beverage tastes really good chilled when honey is added.


The amount of health benefits in La Foléré blew me away! This tea is so healthy that Cameroonians drink it first for all of its benefits and lastly for its refreshing delicious taste.

La Foléré can lower cholesterol as well as assist with hypotension. Studies have shown that sipping La Foléré regularly can have a positive effect on your liver. During the cold winter months, La Foléré can aid in preventing respiratory infections due to its high content of vitamin C.

NOTE: Please avoid sipping La Foléré in the cases of gout, arthritis, renal or biliary gallstones, and in case of stones formed in the kidneys or liver.

Below, you will find some remedies using La Foléré (please note that these remedies do not replace medical treatment from your health care agent):

General Fatigue | Boil 20 grams of flowers in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink 1 liter a day to ensure a healthy diet and restfulness.

Anemia | Steep 30 grams of flowers in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink 1 liter a day or you can consume the flowers in a sauce.

Hypotension | Steep 20 grams of flowers in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink several times to adopt the beverage as a diuretic in addition to treatment.

Malaria | Infuse 20 grams of flowers per liter of water. Drink all throughout the entire day as this beverage has revitalizing effects.

Hepatic Renal Disease | Steep 30 and 40 grams of flowers per liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink 4 to 6 cups each day until you can see a doctor.

As I mentioned in the outset, La Foléré (hibiscus) can have a drunken affect on some people. I, oddly, so happen to be one of those people and have to limit the amount of hibiscus that I sip. One cup can make me feel like I have drunk an entire bottle of wine! You can find out why this phenomena occurs in my blog post, “Hibiscus Tea Drunk Is A Real Thing and 2 Reasons Why People Who Don’t Believe Me Get On My Nerves”.

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