Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging with My Home Office Reveal

Did you know that a snail can hibernate for 3 years when the weather becomes too rough? Now that’s one heck of a power nap! This past year, I weathered the storms and challenges of creativity and today I am celebrating 3 years of blogging on Tea End Blog. I promise I’ve been awake the entire time though

In this article, I celebrate Tea End Blog’s 3 year mark, what she (yes, my blog is a female) was able to accomplish this year, what I learned as a blogger of tea and literature and what I would like to accomplish in 2018. I also reveal my very own home office, a.k.a my 'bloggers' paradise'.

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Proud Mentions

It’s one thing when your favorite authors and tea producers give you a shout-out, but when fellow bloggers post your content on their website then you just feel so honored and worthy. This is how I felt during 2017 as I watched some of my favorite tea bloggers such as LuAnn Pannunzio from The Cup of Life and Nicole Martin from Tea For Me Please give me and Tea End Blog a shout-out. Thank you fellow tea ladies, you really encouraged me this year to keep moving forward even during the dry spell of my blogger’s block.


Clearer Vision

Speaking of my blogger’s block, thanks to it, I was able to recognize what I truly expected from myself and from Tea End Blog. Being unmotivated and somewhat stagnant for a few months gave me a clearer vision, a vision that I intend to take well into the new year. My vision will focus on quality not quantity and I will be more conscious of the type of teas and books I review as well as the type of collaborations that I participate in. I will also take planned breaks that won’t interrupt the flow of content to Tea End Blog but will allow me to rest, recharge and prevent blogger’s block.

All Series On Deck

Due to my involvement in reviews and collaborations that didn’t really coincide with my vision for Tea End Blog in the year 2017, I wasn’t able to write under all the Series that exist on the blog. There are 15 wonderful Series on Tea End Blog, all created to highlight various aspects of tea and literature. In 2018, I will focus on being more intentional with when and how often I write under each Series so that all Series get a fair amount of blog space.


Collaborations, followers, subscribers, teas and books were all acquired in 2017 but the one thing that I obtained this past year that is more valuable than all is insight. Insight into who I have become as a blogger and insight into what type of website Tea End Blog is. This was rough as it manifested itself into a blogger’s block that I am still recovering from. However, it was completely necessary for me to be able to move forward.

I discovered that I care more about the art of tea sipping than free tea and I am willing to even buy quality teas to share them with you if I must. I learned that subscribers and followers are wonderful but simply finding people willing to talk about tea and books is just as gratifying. I also was able to realize that if I’m not enjoying something then how could I possibly convince you to do so? In 2018, I will use this insight to ameliorate the quality of the content of Tea End Blog and I will have fun doing it!


When I first started blogging, I had so many aspirations. They were of the more superficial sort such as: more followers and subscribers, more content, more tea, more books. Everything that I desired seemed to be centered on more and I guess this was a natural process as a blog isn’t truly a blog without content.

Now, I aspire to be intentional with my writing and to focus on the quality of my posts instead of the quantity. My new motto for 2018 is: "Silence is golden. If it's not worth saying, keep quiet."

Also, during my blogger’s block, I read an inspiring book entitled, “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney. This book helped me to self-analyze; I am an artist, a creative mind but my business savvy is lacking and if I truly want Tea End Blog to be more than a glorified hobby then I need to focus on my business education. So, I am going back to school!

Give-Away Galore

I still want you to have tons of fun on Tea End Blog though, so I will keep the Give-Aways coming! I will also improve the quality of the Give-Aways to make sipping happily ever after that much better. All subscribers are eligible to win so be sure to subscribe to Tea End Blog now!

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Well, there you have it fellow tea sipping bookworms! I hope you enjoyed reading my accomplishments and acquisitions of 2017 and my aspirations for the new year as well as seeing my home office reveal. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about my decorating choices just put them in the comments below.

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What top 2 aspirations do you have for 2018?


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