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Long Live Paper | 2018

Long Live Paper | 2018

Not too long after the birth of Tea End Blog itself, I created a Series entirely dedicated to the written word; the Series is entitled: Long Live Paper.

In this article, you will find my magazine and journal subscriptions for 2018, the purpose of each* and why I chose them for Tea End Blog. In 2017, I decided to start sharing this list with you so that you can anticipate my post topics under the Series: Long Live Paper.

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*the purpose of each magazine was derived from each magazine's/journal's Wiki page.



Long Live Paper | 2017 - Sunset Magazine

THE PURPOSE | Sunset is a lifestyle magazine in the United States that focuses on homes, cooking, gardening and travel, with a focus almost exclusively on the Western United States.

WHY TEA END BLOG? | I subscribed to Sunset Magazine in 2017 and loved it so much that I decided to renew my subscription in 2018. It is, in fact, the only 2017 subscription that I renewed which speaks volumes for its content. Sunset Magazine features sites to see and foods to taste in the West, and since I live in Texas the suggestions aren’t too far for me to experience. Earlier in the year, I travelled to South Carolina; a trip inspired by an article I read in Sunset Magazine and I also made an Elderflower Infused Honey Recipe that I also found in Sunset Magazine. Needless to say, I found this magazine extremely practical and entertaining and so I am proud to have added it to my Long Live Paper List of 2018.



Long Live Paper | 2017 - The Wall Street Journal

THE PURPOSE | Real Simple Magazine is a monthly women's interest magazine launched by Time Inc. in 2000. The magazine features articles and information related to home-keeping, childcare, cooking and emotional wellbeing. The magazine is distinguished by its clean, uncluttered style of layout and photos.

WHY TEA END BLOG? | In 2017, I went wild with tea in my kitchen as I added tea to almost every Recipe I could. Real Simple Magazines offers many more Recipes for my inspiration as well as emotional wellbeing tips that I am sure will include tea every now and then.



Long Live Paper | 2017 - Money Magazine

THE PURPOSE | Wine Spectator is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture, and gives out ratings to certain types of wine. It publishes 15 issues per year with content that includes news, articles, profiles, and general entertainment pieces. Each issue also includes from 400 to more than 1,000 wine reviews, which consist of wine ratings and tasting notes.

WHY TEA END BLOG? | Tea is very much like wine in the sense that it comes from one type of plant and varies so extensively. Tea, like wine, can be paired with food to enhance the dining and sipping experience. I thought it would be cool to subscribe to Wine Spectator to not only expand my knowledge with wine but also to gain inspiration to improve my tea sipping experiences.



Long Live Paper | 2018 - Southern Living Magazine

THE PURPOSE | Southern Living is a lifestyle magazine aimed at readers in the Southern United States featuring recipes, house plans, garden plans, and information about Southern culture and travel. It is published by Birmingham, Alabama–based Southern Progress Corporation, a unit of Time Inc.

WHY TEA END BLOG? | To some, Texas is considered the West. Ask some Texans and they’ll say they are Southern. The truth of the matter is that Texas is geographically situated in the South-Western region of the United States and therefore is home to both southern hospitality and western originality. Growing up in Texas, for me, has always been a Southern experience with good home-cooking, hospitality and a certain level of propriety. At the same time, visiting other southern States such as Georgia and South Carolina has helped me to see that Texans can also be proud of their openness to culture and art like their more western neighbors. Southern Living will keep me in touch with my southern roots and perhaps give me inspiration in the kitchen as well as in my cup.



Long Live Paper | 2018 - Food & Wine Magazine

THE PURPOSE | Food & Wine is a monthly magazine published by Time Inc. It was founded in 1978 by Ariane and Michael Batterberry. It features recipes, cooking tips, travel information, restaurant reviews, chefs, wine pairings and seasonal/holiday content and has been credited by The New York Times with introducing the dining public to "Perrier, the purple Peruvian potato and Patagonian tooth-fish".

WHY TEA END BLOG? | Most tea sipping bookworms are also foodies to some extent or another. I love food and pairing beautifully cuisines with tea. Food & Wine Magazine provides Recipes as well as travel information which I am sure could lead me to better tea and books.


So, there's my 2018 list for the Series: Long Live Paper. Now you know exactly what to expect from this Series for the year 2018. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me or you can type your comment below.

Again, don’t forget to subscribe to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered to win FREE tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!


What "paper" interests you the most?

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