4 Spring Memories That Will Help You Endure Winter

Did you know that winter ranks as the least preferred season of the year? With the lack of sunlight and freezing temperatures we can understand why. I absolutely hate winter and have been reminiscing about spring to help me endure this sunless season. Perhaps, if you’re struggling with this year’s winter, these reminders will help you hold out until the frost is gone.

In this article, I share 4 memories of spring that I am looking forward to experiencing. Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered in Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

Memory #1: The Blooms

The blooms of spring time are probably one of the first things to come to mind when you think of this happy season and one of the last characteristics of spring that you could forget. Where I live, Dallas, Texas, there are a variety of spring blooms that seem to paint the prairie land like an artist does a blank canvas. I love going for walks in spring just to discover the various blooms and of course to harvest a few for my vases.

This past spring I even created art of my own from the wild flowers that I found during my walk route. The Evening Primrose, Texas Dandelion, Indian Blank, and the Indian Paintbrush flowers from spring 2016 are still framed in my living room.

Memory #2: The Sunshine

Oh my goodness, just thinking of the sun makes me hopeful and happy. I thrive with sunlight! The sun rejuvenates me and can reset me like nothing else. I like to describe the energy from the sun as being ‘kissed by the sun’ because I really feel like the sun just loves all up over me when I am in its presence. There is nothing quite like feeling the gentle warmth of the spring sun against my skin.

Even if you find yourself indoors during the spring, the sun seeps its way inside and pours in through every window in the home making any nook a perfect spot for reading and tea sipping.

Memory #3: Spring Tea Blends

During spring, tea curators not only have the spring harvest to offer, which embodies the essence of this fun and exciting season, but they also get creative with their blends. Roses, lavender, jasmine, and other blooms are blended with spring harvested tea to represent the season with every sip. One of my favorite spring time blends is the Reading Nook Blend by Plum Deluxe. It smells divine and is so delicious!

Memory #4: Outdoor Activities

Perfect weather makes for perfect picnics, with tea of course. I love visiting the local parks during spring time and taking my books and tea along with a few snacks. I can sit for hours just reading, sipping and gazing at the park activities.

What is your favorite spring time activity?


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