What I Bought With My "Tea With Friends" Amazon e-Gift Card

Yay, I am so happy that I won the Amazon e-Gift Card Give-Away hosted by Angela McRae, a new tea friend and the blogger behind “Tea With Friends”. Hoping that I won, I had already decided on what exactly I was going to purchase and if you know me then you know it could only be 1 of 2 things…

In this article, I introduce you to a new tea friend and I also reveal what I purchased with the Amazon e-Gift Card that I won! Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered in Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

New Tea Friend...

Angela McRae at “Tea With Friends” isn’t just a new tea friend because I won an Amazon e-Gift Card during one of her Give-Aways. Rather, she’s a new tea friend because she shares our love for tea.

I was initially attracted to “Tea With Friends” after browsing through my feed on Bloglovin’ and seeing one of her articles featuring a large Mason jar filled with tea. I enjoyed the relaxed writing style of the author and thought to subscribe. I am still exploring “Tea With Friends” and trying to see what all Angela McRae has to offer. I am particularly curious about her books entitled, “Dainty Dining” and “Tea Time Tales”.

What I Got!

Like I mentioned earlier, if you know me then you know that there are two things that are always on my mind: Tea & Books. Upon winning an Amazon e-Gift Card, I could not resist to seize the opportunity to purchase a book that perhaps had been sitting for far too long in my Amazon wish-list. In the comments section on “Tea With Friends”, I ended up divulging just exactly what I would purchase with the e-Gift Card if I won. Either the book entitled, “Culinary Tea” by Cynthia Gold or “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney. Which one did I purchase, you ask? Both!

Yep! I couldn’t resist so I purchased both of the books! “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney was normally almost $25 on Amazon and so when it went down to $18.50 I thought it was a good opportunity to snatch it up. The e-Gift Card had a balance of $15 so I only spent about $20 on both books having a value of $33.

I have Amazon Prime so the books should be on my doorstep within 2 days. Perfect timing for my trip to Limbe, Cameroon AFRICA to visit the Limbe Tea Plantation, after all, I will need some good reads on the long flight...

What is the first book on your TBR (to be read) list?


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