Minos Tea Set | Minos Living

Minos Living is a tea ware provider that puts a modern spin on the traditional art of sipping tea. I was able to get my hands on the complete tea set by Minos Living and I can’t wait to share it with you in this Product Review!

In this article, I explain what I liked and disliked about the Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl and Creamer Pitcher by Minos Living. Click play to see my honest review and be sure to also subscribe to Tea End Blog if you haven't already to be automatically entered to win free tea, books, stuff that I give away during Tea End Blog Give-Aways!

Minos Tea Set | Minos Living

What I liked...

1. Pours Clean

A small lip at the tip of the tea spout sops up the last drop of tea that would have dripped on your tea-table. I love that there aren't any messy pours.

2. Interchangeable Rubber Handle

I like that Minos Living gives you options as to what color you would like your tea pot handle to be. Yellow favors the decoration in my home office where this beautiful tea pot is displayed. Which color do you like best?

3. Small But Mighty

Minos Tea Pot holds way more tea than it looks like it would. In my vlog (above) I said about 2.5 cups. The exact liquid measurement, however, is 17 ounces. This would be more like 2.1 cups. I guess if you don’t fill your tea cup all the way to the brim then you could feel like you’re sipping two and a half cups of tea...

4. Petite Pot

Minos Tea Pot is a perfect size for your tea tray as it won’t take up too much space. I usually have a tea snack, my tea cup, my latest read, my honey and a tea pot on my tea tray. When the tea pot isn’t so big, then I can afford to make space for all my other tea sipping luxuries.

5. Thermos Acting

Hot tea should stay hot, so a tea pot that keeps your tea warm is a keeper. Minos Tea Pot acts as a thermos and the stainless-steel conducts and retains heat. Your tea is sure to stay warm with each sip.

6. High Quality Infuser

An infuser should act as a barrier between the warm water and your tea so that the essence of the tea and not the tea leaves themselves are in your steep. A great infuser has small holes which do not allow any tea, even a rooibos, to escape. Minos Tea Pot features such an infuser!