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A tea selection or sampler set is like a box of chocolates…you never quite know what you’re going to get but since it’s tea, you know it’ll be good. BOH Tea Company provides teas that aren’t just good, but exquisite! Exquisite Tea Selection by BOH contains 6 delicious and varying teas perfect for tea time.

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The color of each tea in the Exquisite Tea Selection by BOH is appropriate. None of the hues are extraordinary but representative of the specific tea. The black teas are deep in hue and lively whereas the herbal teas vary in hues of sage.


All teas in the Exquisite Tea Selection by BOH smell divine, even the non-blended teas. My favorite scent came from BOH Seri Songket with natural lime and ginger flavors.


When I get my hands on a bagged tea sampler or a gift set I usually don’t sip the teas without honey or milk, I just dig right in. I did taste a sip of the Gold Cameronian Premium Black Blend by BOH without milk or honey and it was fresh and clean but it tasted that much more exquisite with a little milk and honey.


These tea selections have me in love! I also adore how there are recipes for cold brews inside the box. I am definitely going to try SOH Seri Songket Lime & Ginger (my favorite tea in this sampler) with ginger ale as suggested over ice.

There are so many selections to choose from ! BOH Tea Company caters to every type of tea sipper; you are sure to find your perfect sip amongst the tea products of BOH.

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