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I have too much tea!


I have too much tea. I honestly never thought I would utter these words let alone admit them in a “Confessions of a Tea Sipping Bookworm” post, but if I’m going to be honest, my cup is over-flowing and it’s a bit overwhelming.

One of the amazing perks that I experience as a tea blogger is receiving products to sip and share with you, my fellow tea sipping bookworms. Tea producers and companies contact me almost daily to ask me if I want to sip their tea. Since I love tea it is utterly impossible for me to decline but my addiction also presents a fundamental challenge: How To Sip All The Tea?

I need to find a balance; experiencing new teas for Tea Review posts is great and all but there are so many other Series on Tea End Blog that deserve attention. What is more, tea sipping for me isn’t just a chore to be done to accumulate posts or collaborations, rather it is an experience in which I enjoy.

I like to savor my tea and my tea sipping experience. I may sip a tea once without sweetener and then next with a dash of milk and honey. A tea may taste different in the early morning hours than it does after a savory dinner. It is very hard to fully experience a tea when I am rushed to get the Review done so that another can follow next in line.

It is high-tea time for me to do something about this dilemma and I think I have a plan in place. Before I share it with you I would like to know what you think. How do you suppose that we could continue to sip new teas all the while keeping a balance so as to truly enjoy the tea sipping experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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How would you balance this dilemma?

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