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There’s nothing like a slightly sweet, buttery biscuit to pair with tea time. White Berry Tea Cookies by Adagio Teas aren’t just great with tea but they have white tea in them! A perfect blend of white ground tea, vanilla and raspberry flavor and dried cherries makes this tea snack worthy of a Product Review.

In this article, I explain what I liked and disliked about White Berry Tea Cookies by Adagio Teas, what tea I believe is great to pair with this delicious treat and where you can find your very own White Berry Tea Cookies.

What I liked...

1. Bite-size

White Berry Tea Cookies are small enough to pop into your mouth after a plentiful sip of tea.

2. White Tea Taste

I am not sure how much white tea leaf is ground into 1 White Berry Tea Cookie but the taste of white tea is quite evident. I love white tea; the nutty and earthy notes burst forth with each bite of White Berry Tea Cookies.

3. Crispy, Buttery Texture

Texture is everything when it comes to snacks and tea sipping. Too soft and the cookie becomes mush in the mouth, too hard and the flavors of tea are masked. White Berry Tea Cookies are just the right texture making it a perfect pair with any tea!

4. Dried Cherries

The sweet dried cherries lend a natural sweetness to each bite and makes White Berry Tea Cookies a wonderful pair to fruity teas.

5. Delightful

Aren’t they just visually appealing? White Berry Tea Cookies are so proper and cute, perfect for high tea, a tea party or simply a rendezvous with your latest read.

What I did not like...

1. Absolutely Nothing

There was nothing about White Berry Tea Cookies that I didn’t like. The only inconvenience that I did experience was crumbs in my bed…but that was largely (if not entirely) my fault

Afternoon “High Tea” White Tea by Plum Deluxe is such a perfect spring time tea and it pairs nicely with White Berry Tea Cookies. The fruity notes in the tea couple with the buttery cherry flavors of the cookie making it a delight during tea time.

White Berry Tea Cookies by Adagio Teas sit a-top your tea cup plate so conveniently making it oh so convenient to pop one before and after each sip.

White Berry Tea Cookies by Adagio Teas are my cup of tea and I am sure you would enjoy them also. You can visit the Adagio Teas Store to purchase White Berry Tea Cookies in a 4oz. package.

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Do you prefer your tea time treats to be sweet or savory?

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