I Am Reading, Please Do Not Disturb

I Am Reading Please Do Not Disturb

NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on April 01, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

Why is it that almost every time I peel open a good read someone feels that it’s an invitation to start a conversation? Do you experience this? If I am reading in public, I find that people wish to engage in deep topics requiring me to pop my head over my book and answer seemingly subsequent questions. So very distracting!

I think it’s important for non-tea sipping bookworms to know that when we are reading and sipping our tea, we are not bored. We are not lonely. We are simply reading and since we are reading we should not be disturbed.

In this article, you will find a poem, entitled “Do Not Disturb”. The poem expresses the sentiments of a true tea sipping bookworm when she’s reading. It is somewhat comical so I hope you enjoy it! Also, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered in Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

I Am Reading, Please Do Not Disturb


short poem written by Gabie

Yes, I Am Busy

Can’t You See?

My Mind Is Trapped In Fantasy

The Soldiers March and Bombs Go Off

The Princess Gives Her Lowly Suitor A Majestic Scoff

The Toads Turn Into Princes and the Witches Are Banned

The Security Alarm Has Gone Off, So the Suspense Stands

All You May See Is A Lonely Las

Do Not Under-Estimate the Power that the Written Word Has

Stop, Don’t Interrupt! You May Leave Me Perturbed

I Am Reading My Dear, I Ask To Not Be Disturbed

I Am Reading, Please Do Not Disturb