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"Afternoon Tea" To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring!

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Did you know that today marks the first day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere? I love fall but I am super excited that, for us, today is the first day of spring! To celebrate, I have an “Afternoon Tea” on my hands…and nails

In this article, I share with you the “Afternoon Tea” nail wraps by Jamberry. “Afternoon Tea” nail wraps are perfect for spring as it features lilies, daffodils, pink and orange tea cups and blue and pink tea pots!

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Jamberry | "Afternoon Tea"

What I like...

1. Tea-lover's Delight!

As you already know, I love tea! I love tea, tea pots and cups and anything else that I can use during my tea sipping time. “Afternoon Tea” nail wraps feature tea pots and cups and beautiful spring flowers.

2. Easy Application

I thought applying “Afternoon Tea” was going to be a big fuss but it actually was quite simple. They are easy to apply in only 7 quick steps and the wraps come in different sizes so as to accommodate all nail sizes.

3. Tools Included

I was super stoked when I realized that I didn’t have to search for the perfect tools in order to apply “Afternoon Tea” nail wraps. There are just 3 simple tools, two that you probably already own and one with a rubber tip that allows you to apply pressure to the nail wrap once applied.

4. Super Practical

As much as I love a fresh painted manicure, I must admit that not having to paint my nails and await drying time feels like a major blessing. Jamberry nail wraps do not require any drying as they are not liquid polish. Also, Jamberry nail wraps lasts longer than traditional polish!

Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert


2. Don't Skimp On Step 6

I didn’t forget step 6 but I could have paid more attention to the excess nail wrap that overlapped the tip of my nail. I should have made sure that the excess was completely trimmed. In this case, I think that my wraps would not have created a slight lift at the tip after a few hand washes.

1. Don't Forget the 7th Step!

In a rush, I completely forgot the seventh step which is “Apply heat and pressure to the nail wrap until it is bonded to the nail”. I applied pressure but forgot the heat! I think that “Afternoon Tea” nail wraps would have adhered better to my nails if I hadn’t forgotten this part of step 7.

"Afternoon Tea" To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring!
"Afternoon Tea" To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring!

“Afternoon Tea” nail wraps by Jamberry are just too cute and I have Annie Stout to thank! If you want to get some Jamberry nail wraps of your own just contact Annie Stout and she will set you up to where you can perhaps obtain a sample and a brochure featuring the entire Jamberry selection!

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"Afternoon Tea" To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring!

Which do you like better, nail wraps or polish? Why?

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