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Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert

Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert

NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on February 23, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

I have sipped tea since I was a little girl and have always loved it. However, growing up with the stresses of life and becoming a married woman there were a few beloved habits that got away from me; unfortunately, tea was one of them. When I decided to reintroduce tea into my life I wanted to sip in style! It was then that I purchased my first Royal Albert Tea Cup and it has been nearest and dearest to me since.

In this article, I share with you the Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert. A cherished tea cup that means so much more to me than the eye can behold. Be sure to subscribe to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered to win FREE tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

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What I like...

1. Delicate Design

Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert was exactly what I was looking for in regards to a dainty tea cup. When I pull it out its delicate design puts me in a delicate mood and reminds me why I love tea and all that it encompasses.

2. Curved Tea Plate

Most tea cups have flat or almost flat plates which can make tea transportation a bit tricky. Tea cups tend to wobble on their plates with movement and usually encourages us to hold the handle hoping that the hot liquid doesn’t leap out of the cup! The curved design of the Rose Confetti Tea Plate allows for stability when I need to move my cup from one book nook to the next.

3. Detailed Handle

Don’t you just love the handle on Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert! It is so dainty and precious. What I really enjoy is that this tea cup was designed with movement in mind. The handle is delicate but it is also sturdy and the slight protruding tip makes for easy gripping. Sipping is spill-proof!

4. Fine Bone China

Have you ever heard that sipping tea out of fine bone china is better than sipping tea out of any other vessel? Well…I concur! There’s a particular freshness that I experience when sipping tea out of Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert. It is almost like the tea is unadulterated and the bone china lends to the brilliance and taste of the sip.

5. Pretty Pink

Violet is my favorite color but in my early twenties I went through a phase when I was seriously thinking about changing my favorite color to Pink. I know, right! Serious stuff! I find the delicate color of Rose Confetti Tea Cup so feminine and inspiring.

Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert

What I did not like...

1. Absolutely Nothing

I am not dissatisfied in the least with Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert. When I’m feeling in a dainty tea time mood, I always grab for it. The design, quality and style are perfect and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make tea time the right time.

Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert
Rose Confetti Tea Cup | Royal Albert

Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert is my favorite tea cup (amongst many) in my tea cabinet. I talk more about it in the post, “Five Favorite Tea Ware”.

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