Tea Talk | Common Misconceptions of Tea & Why We Should Ignore Them

What is Tea Talk?

Tea Talk is a new pilot Series. This means that if you like it, it will become one of the 15 Series currently running on Tea End Blog.

During Tea Talk, I start an Instagram Live session where we can sip tea and talk about a subject that you choose! The topic and the tea that I sip is listed above and below.

What do I need to participate?

  1. Your favorite tea cup or mug filled to the brim with your favorite tea!

  2. Your opinion!

That’s it! Make sure you connect to @teaendblog on Instagram so that you can join the chat!

Tea Talk Topic

"Common Misconceptions of Tea & Why We Should Ignore Them"

What I’m Sipping…

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What topic would you like to discuss next?

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