4 Children's Books That All Adults Should Read

Did you know that “Alice in Wonderland” was banned in parts of China? Attributing human abilities to animals was supposedly offensive. I certainly hope that none of my favorite children's books are offensive because, to show my appreciation for Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, I am sharing 4 beloved children’s books that feature talking ravens, bunnies, bears and amphibians!

Click play to see my honest Book Review of “Pierre Lapin (Peter Rabbit)” by Beatrix Potter, “Boucle d’Or et les Trois Ours (Goldie Locks and the Three Bears)” by Les Petits Cailloux, “Frog and Toad Together” by Arnold Lobel, and “Edgar and The Tattle-Tale Heart” by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Ron Stucki.

I remember reading the adventures of Frog and Toad as a little child and feeling like they were just the coolest and most laid back amphibians ever! I love that I was able to find a hard copy version of this whimsical tale.

Edgar Allan Poe is one of my most cherished writers and his writing style is to die for…no pun intended. “Edgar and The Tattle-Tale Heart” is a simple read that will introduce your little one to great writings before he or she can even speak. A little raven breaks a Poe resembling bust and copes with his conscience as he tries to hide his mishap from his mother and avoid his sister’s tattles. You will…I mean your little one will…love the read!

I hope these books inspire you to pick up a children’s book to read more often. I enjoy reading children’s books and have had some wonderful experiences with a few of my favorite childhood authors such as when I was able to perform a Blogview with Janet Taylor Lisle, writer of “Afternoon of the Elves”.

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What did you do for Children's Author and Illustrator Week?

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