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Shui Xian | Origins Tea

NOTE: This article was published January 26, 2015 but updated November 29, 2018. Some parts of this article may reference either date.

I’m really getting oolong with a tea from Origins Tea. OK, I admit, that was a little cheesy but that’s alright because Shui Xian Oolong Tea by Origins Tea is such a full-bodied and complex tasting tea it probably would pair well with cheese…

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THE HUE: Shui Xian | Origins Tea

If this doesn’t look like a full golden moon in a deep night sky, then I guess you’re not as dramatic as I am LOL. Shui Xian by Origins Tea is a golden yellow hue that reminds me of a full-bodied chardonnay glistening in the lights of a crisp Saturday night...I told you I can be dramatic...LOL



THE SCENT: Shui Xian | Origins Tea

Shui Xian, or Water Sprite, gives off a warm vanilla and fresh cracked peppercorn scent upon steeping. But here's where it gets interesting, once the tea cools a little, lively and soft floral scents take center stage.

I love when teas have multiple notes as this lends to the overall tea sipping experience and is one of the discoveries that makes tea tasting and sipping more than just a thirst-quenching activity but rather an exciting adventure.



THE SIP: Shui Xian | Origins Tea

THE SIP: Shui Xian | Origins Tea


What I learned recently, and you may have too upon clicking the links in this post, is that Origins Tea is no longer operative which is sad considering that Origins Tea was one of the very few companies that gave the purchaser a lot of information about the tea (origin, harvest date & year, oxidation, baking level, picking style, and elevation level).

It’s so interesting how popular tea is; everyone wants to be in the business but not everyone stays in the business. Thankfully, the teas offered by Origins Tea weren’t special blends but were common Chinese teas that can be purchased with other tea companies.

Tea Review: Shui Xian | Origins Tea

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Do you enjoy teas with multiple notes?

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