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How To Steep A Blooming Tea

Blooming teas make for great conversation pieces during your tea or dinner parties. Steeping tea in general can be some-what complicated giving that tea requires specific steeping times and temperatures but I promise you that steeping blooming tea is super easy.

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How To Steep A Blooming Tea

The words on the tea tin are written in an Asian language (that I can’t read) so I have no idea what it says but I appreciate the tea none-the-less because it was given to me by my former boss who was very kind and considerate.

It’s always so pleasant when my friends, family and acquaintances just randomly give me tea. I try very hard not to “nerd-out” about tea but my love of it is overwhelmingly evident.

How To Steep A Blooming Tea

This is what the tea looks like before it is unraveled. Blooming teas are delicately woven in detailed designs so that when they bloom they resemble a flower.

How To Steep A Blooming Tea

And Voilà! The Blooming Tea has bloomed! It really looks like a super cool plant and it smells divine. Although I could not read the tea tin, I could sense jasmine and green tea in the steep.

Some Blooming Teas bloom into colorful and even more intricate shapes. They’re so easy to steep that you should definitely get you some, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful display.

Here are a few blooming teas that you may want to try; Flowering Teas by Teabloom. Look how pretty they bloom!

How To Steep A Blooming Tea | Flowering Teas by Teabloom

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Do you have a tea that reminds you of a particular season? Explain.

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