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TEANY | New York, NY

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on January 12, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

I always give tearoom cafés a side-eye because my experience tells me that either the tea or the food will be lacking. One sunny day in NYC I decided to test my luck by sipping tea and taking my lunch in a little street tearoom café called TEANY. The tea was just how I like it and the food gave me enough energy to keep up the pace of the big city all day long. Allow me to share my experience!

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First Impressions

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

I had put the tearoom café in my GPS and decided to take a scenic walk towards my reward of tea and lunch. When I finally reach TEANY I almost missed it! The door was hidden in steps and I had gotten distracted by the pretty bikes outside the tearoom. I loved the New York charm of the little place and the outdoor patio.

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY
TEANY | New York, NY

The noise of the street was quickly avoided when I stepped inside. There wasn’t anyone in the tearoom because it wasn’t quite lunch time I guess. I took a booth seat so I could truly relax as I had been! (I am Texan, we drive everywhere…) TEANY was small (like everything in NYC) but well organized and clean.


The Ambiance

New York is…quite a city (lol). Very different from the charm of the West and the influence of southern hospitality that exists in Texas.

I was surprised at how the owner was speaking to the waitress that served me. He was arguing about her not cleaning up or serving, even though she was very quick about serving me. He fired her aloud while I was there! She just simply grabbed her stuff and walked out. I thought it was so peculiar that when I went to pay I asked him what did she do. He told me that she was lazy and asked me if I wanted a job. Needless to say…I politely declined.


The Tea Experience

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

I am always happy when a tearoom café has more tea selections than food selections; this usually means the tea will be great and the food will be decent since there aren't but a few dishes to choose from. I wanted to go crazy with ordering tea but I didn’t want to have to use the restroom too much since, well, it is NYC, where even would I use it? Also, there were other tea joints that I wanted to hit up that same day.

I ordered Lavender Lemonade which was so delicious! I wish it was slightly more potent however with both the lemon and the lavender. I told myself that I would make it and post the Recipe on Tea End Blog. How about I do this for Summer 2017?

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

It’s been so long that I can’t remember which white tea I had, either the Silver Needle or White Peony. It was good though and I finished the entire pot! The one thing that I thought was weird though was that the tea leaves were left in the tea pot to sit, so I took them out so as not to over-steep the tea.

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

In Conclusion...

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

TEANY tea was delicious and inspiring and the kale energy salad that I had was so energizing that I remained alert, bright and animated even with a full day on my feet. I recently learned that TEANY has permanently closed its doors. I can’t help but to think that maybe the owner had something to do with it…

Physical Graffitea| 96 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10009

I hope you enjoyed this post under the Series called "Tea Time". A Series where I share my experiences while visiting tearooms and tea shops from near and far.

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Do you know a great tea shop/room

that recently closed it doors? Explain.

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