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Tea Drunk | New York, NY

Tea Drunk | New York, NY

NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on January 12, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

Have you ever been tea drunk? I have and it’s nothing like being drunk from alcohol. Some people become talkative when they are tea drunk, others become very relaxed and zen-like. I am the latter and I found out the good way when I stopped by a tearoom appropriately called Tea Drunk in New York City.

In this article, I share my experience in Tea Drunk and why you should consider letting your hair down and getting Tea Drunk one day also. Be sure to subscribe to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered to win free tea during Tea End Blog Free Tea Give-Aways! Already subscribed? Tell a friend!


First Impressions

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

I liked the sign for Tea Drunk as it looked like a Chinese symbol. It was simple but told the story, just like tea itself!

I thought the sign on the outside of the door was pretty funny. I was thinking hard when I asked myself the question not realizing that the hint would tell me the answer! I would not have guessed 5,000 years…it just seems like it would be more than that.

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

The Ambiance

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

Tea Drunk was narrow with tables by the windows and a long bar with barstools along it. I liked the simple and clean design of the room. There were items along the wall opposite the bar stools if one was in the mood for a little shopping. I had one agenda however: taste the tea.

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

The Tea Experience

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

Boy, did I taste the tea! I sipped and sipped and sipped and the bar tender (I can’t remember his name for the life of me) was so nice. He was telling me stories of Brooklyn where he grew up and asking me about Texas. The nicest gesture he did was refilling my cup (lol).

I thought it was really funny how he couldn’t fathom how everyone had guns in Texas. I grew up being ok with the fact that practically everyone owned a gun…no big deal! (lol) He kept serving me tea and I kept drinking until I became elated and content beyond measure. I felt my hands shaking from the caffeine but my body and mind were so relaxed. I was officially Tea Drunk!

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

There were plenty of teas to choose from, but not an overwhelming amount. If you had the time, you probably could sit and taste all of them if you resigned yourself to just a steep each. I liked how the bartender served the tea in front of me and explained the history of the tea. At a certain point, the owner, who is Chinese and grew up with tea culture, actually came into the room and began telling me about her life with tea in China and how she lived in Houston, TX for a while.

I broke away from the bar not there as lack of tea and great conversation but because I had a later appointment and I couldn’t afford to miss it.


In Conclusion...

Physical Graffitea | New York, NY

Tea Drunk is a tearoom that I highly recommend. The bartenders and owner are delightful; the tea is plentiful and the ambiance is perfect. If you’re ever thinking about throwing caution to the wind and getting Tea Drunk, why not stop at the tea shop that bears the name?

You can visit Tea Drunk located at 123 E 7th Street, New York, NY 10009.

For more information on Tea Drunk, afternoon tea or their hours of operation please visit

Tea Drunk | 123 E 7th Street, New York, NY 10009

I hope you enjoyed this post under the Series called "Tea Time". A Series where I share my experiences while visiting tearooms and tea shops from near and far.

If you have not already subscribed, be sure to subscribe as you will be automatically entered to win free tea! Already subscribed? Tell a friend!


What is your favorite local spot to grab a pot of tea?

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