Destination: Charleston, South Carolina

Early 2016, I planned to visit a friend living in South Carolina and this time around I just couldn’t miss a certain attraction built for the tea lover: The Charleston Tea Plantation. Happily, the plantation is situated near the renowned town of Charleston. With its southern charm, great food and summer-esque attractions, it’s no wonder why this quaint city landed in TRAVEL+LEISURE Magazine. The article (above) wet my appetite for my visit which turned out to be exactly what I expected and more! Allow me to share my experience with you!

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The Charleston Tea Plantation

The Charleston Tea Plantation was a pleasure to visit and even more so considering that it is the only tea plantation in North America. To be surrounded by tea was ideal and an enchanted trolley ride took us deeper into the plantation to see the greenhouse where all the baby tea plants were growing. I elaborate on my experience more in the blog post entitled “Charleston Tea Plantation | Wadamalaw, SC”.

The Angel Oak Tree

The Angel Oak Tree is an absolute “must see” for anyone visiting Charleston. The tree is estimated to be over 500 years old and stands at 66.5 feet tall, measures 28 feet in circumference, and produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet.

I am sure that all tea sipping bookworms can appreciate a good tree to sip and read under and the Angel Oak Tree just may be the best there is!

The Food

(Fleet Landing Restaurant)

Prior to 1940, the Fleet Landing location was the home of the Cooper River Ferry that shuttled people across the river to Mt. Pleasant and the neighboring barrier islands. In 1942, The U.S. Navy landed and tore down the ferry building and constructed the current Fleet Landing building.

The Navy used the building until around 1970, it remained retired until 2003 when the original owners decided to renovate it and create a unique waterfront dining experience.

Charleston is a southern city located at the bay; this dynamic makes for interesting southern sea-food. I grew up in Texas so sea-food isn’t a taste that I am accustomed to (more like beef and range animals), but I can appreciate fine cuisine of all types.

A couple of friends and myself dined at Fleet Landing and the meals were flavorful and fresh! I thought it was pretty neat how the fishermen for the restaurant simply fished outside the dock for their meal creations…again…something a Texan had to wrap her mind around.

The Outskirts: Folly Beach & Cedar Falls Park

Just on the outskirts of Charleston are some relaxing attractions. Living in Texas, I could go years without visiting a beach and had gone years until I visited Folly Beach. It was a social beach but quite enough to take a nap under the lovely kisses of the sun.

There’s also a trail that I found to be most exquisite! The shad of the numerous trees was just enough to make the hike airy and refreshing. Waterfalls and pools is where you could hear children laughing and playing. I would recommend Cedar Falls Park and Trail to anyone who enjoys outdoor perusing and perhaps a sip or two under a sycamore.

This year I did not subscribe to TRAVEL+LEISURE Magazine but I still have a few magazines that I haven’t read from last year’s subscriptions so I will let you know if I find other inspirations for Adventures.

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Have you ever taken a trip inspired by tea? Explain.

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