The Cultured Cup | Dallas, TX

The Cultured Cup | Dallas, TX

NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on January 9, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

In my home-town of Dallas, I try very hard to sniff out tea shops and experiences that I can share with fellow tea loving friends. One day in my hunt, I fell upon a tea shop that isn’t really a tea shop but acts a tea shop for anyone who likes tea…I know, it’s kind of confusing; allow me to explain why The Cultured Cup should be your one stop some-what of a shop for tea in Dallas, TX.

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First Impressions

The Chocolate Angel Tearoom | Richardson, TX

The Cultured Cup is not really a tea shop but it acts as a very delightful one indeed. The owners Kyle and Phil sell tea, coffee and other goodies such as chocolate; they run their business from the office that bears the name of the brand, The Cultured Cup.

Kyle and Phil turned their small Dallas studio into a dual work space. One side for handling the paperwork and in the opposite side sits a large crescent shaped bar where about 10 people can sit comfortably. So not everything is big in Texas, but the ambiance makes up for it!


The Ambiance

The Chocolate Angel Tearoom | Richardson, TX

First of all, Kyle and Phil were lovely individuals and very helpful. Kyle is extremely knowledgeable of tea and is willing to share his knowledge so readily that I was tempted to take notes! (I think I may have taken notes actually...yeah...pretty sure I did...)

The Cultured Cup is not your average café with tables and seats for many, rather, it is private and exclusive and allows you one-on-one Tea Time with Kyle, Phil and whomever you decide to bring along. Due to its private and limited space, I would suggest bringing only a friend or two along.

The Cultured Cup | Dallas, TX | Kyle

The Tea Experience