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NOTE: This article was previously posted in 2015 and revised on January 12, 2017. Some content in this article may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

Did you know that Boston wasn’t the only city with a tea party? In 1774, New York rebels dumped 18 chests of tea into the Hudson River in reply to the Townshend Act. Perhaps this explains why there’s so many tea shops in NYC today! I had the privilege of visiting Physical Graffitea, a tea shop located below a tattoo parlor; only I dumped the tea straight into my mouth.

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First Impressions

Physical Graffitea sat snug on the basement floor within a unit of a large building. You can’t see in the image above, but there were stairs leading down to the door. A large artsy sign hung above the stair case with a painted lady announcing this cute tea shop.

The Ambiance

Physical Graffitea has an exposed brick wall on one side and on the other, a wall of teas, teas and more teas! The atmosphere was very calm and quite as well as clean. Everything felt home-y and comfortable. The menus were even hand-made which lent a personal touch.

Although Physical Graffitea was small and narrow it was very warm and welcoming. One of the business owners was so helpful in aiding me to select the teas I wanted to take home and she was willing to answer all my questions.

She taught me that the nutrients of a tea never diminish but for example, that the medicinal effects of a tea diminish after 3 months of the purchase.

The Tea Experience

I had a wonderful experience at Physical Graffitea. I didn’t feel rushed or hurried to purchase any tea and I was allowed to smell any of them. I really enjoyed the variety of teas that were available.

You know I looked straight to the white teas! I took home a bag of Serenitea which I have already reviewed so you may want to check out the Tea Review of Serenitea by Physical Graffitea. I took Peach Blossom Tea brewed and chilled to go. It was so refreshing on that NYC summer day.

In Conclusion...

NYC is such a splendid place and sipping tea in NY just adds to the ambiance of the big city! When I find myself back in NYC I will be stopping by Physical Graffitea to say “hi” to my tea friends and to pick up some more leaves.

You can either visit Physical Graffitea located at 96 Saint Marks Plaza, New York, NY 10009.

For more information on Physical Graffitea, afternoon tea or their hours of operation please visit

I hope you enjoyed this post under the Series called "Tea Time". A Series where I share my experiences while visiting tearooms and tea shops from near and far.

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What is your favorite local spot to grab a pot of tea?

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