7 Tea Cocktails To Completely Alleviate Tea Sippers Guilt

Do you ever experience guilt when drinking a cocktail and feel as though you are cheating on tea? No? Yes? Well, I surely hope that I am not the only (weird) one. We tea sipping bookworms like a cocktail every now and then, however, now we can leave the guilt behind! The Owl’s Brew makes teas crafted for cocktails and they are all so very delicious!

In this article, you will find 7 Recipes made with 7 different tea cocktail mixers from The Owl’s Brew and my take on each. I’ll even tell you why the book "Wise Cocktails" should have a place on your bookshelf!

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7 Tea Cocktails To Completely Alleviate Tea Sippers Guilt | The Botanist

The Recipe for "The Botanist" can be found on the back of the bottle of White & Vine Tea Cocktail Mix. You all know I love (x 1.5 billion) white tea so it is no wonder that this Recipe is one of my most favorite! It's so clean and fresh, exciting but calming...I love it!


2 ounces White & Vine

1 ounce Gin

1 Lime

Soda Water (to top)

Mint (to garnish)


Step 1 - Pour White & Vine, Gin and the juice from the Lime into a shaker filled with ice. Shake.

Step 2 - Pour mixture into a glass and top with Soda.

Step 3 - Garnish beverage with Mint.

Step 4 - Serve and Enjoy!

7 Tea Cocktails To Completely Alleviate Tea Sippers Guilt | Cha-Cha Chai

You can find this divine Recipe called "Cha-Cha Chai" on page 98 of