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Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

Did you know that a 2-year-old will stop growing when they develop a common cold? Yeah, crazy huh? Tea End Blog is 2 years old and despite all the hiccups, sneezes and coughs of 2016, she is still growing strong. I guess blogs are a little different than kiddos…

In this article, I will celebrate Tea End Blog’s 2 year mark, what she (yes, my blog is a female) was able to accomplish this year, what I learned as a blogger of tea and literature and what I would like to accomplish in 2017.

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Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

Great Collabos

I must admit, I worked with some really cool tea and book people in 2016. Ever since creating Tea End Blog I have gotten a peak into the literature and tea world that I could never have gotten otherwise. I collaborated with two of my favorite authors, Jo Beverley and Janet Taylor Lisle, creating interviews and book reviews detailed enough for any true bookworm. I also collaborated with many more tea producers, private and commercial, to bring you more Give-Aways!

Proud Mentions

When you admire an author and their writing style since you were a child and then finally get to interview them on your blog, you feel great. When that author places your work on her website then you feel absolutely wonderful and your day is made, like, ten times over! After performing the Blogview entitled “Read It and Just Wait A-Lisle”, an interview with Janet Taylor Lisle, Lisle herself took pride in the Interview and placed it on the “What’s New” section of her website. I felt like a billion tons of white tea…with a book on top…

Gabie Exposed

Remember at the outset of this year I made a resolution to be much more exposed? Well, I still feel like I could be much more open with you tea sipping bookworms but you can’t deny that I have let you all into my tea sipping and bookworm-ing world much more. I have amply exposed my home, my aspirations and my desire for you to keep sipping happily ever after and I plan to continue this way because…well…I love you guys! (lol)



Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

I learned so much about myself, what I want from Tea End Blog and blogging in the year 2016. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I just need to stop obsessing over details and deadlines and have a cup of tea.

Tea End Blog and its purpose became clearer to me in 2016 and I began working in harmony with this purpose. I am nowhere near a blogging pro so in 2016 I learned so much about blogging best practices, do’s and don’ts and all the other technical things that make sipping happily ever after easier for you.



Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

Oh my goodness, this section of my celebration could take up pages and pages if I am not careful. Of course, I have many aspirations for Tea End Blog but I will share just a couple with you. Hopefully you can help me make these and other aspirations possible!

Series: Tea Time & Book Nook

So, as you know, I have 2 Series on Tea End Blog that highlight brick and mortar spots where you can get a great cuppa or a good read. Whenever I visit libraries or book shops, I usually feature my experiences in the Series entitled Book Nook whereas tea I usually share in the Tea Time Series. I would, however, like to make these two Series more live…no not alive, I literally mean, live! I’d rather provide you video tours of these places to give you more of an interactive experience. Do you think you can help me do this?

If you noticed, towards the end of 2016 I increased the amount of Give-Aways on Tea End Blog. Well, I want more! Give-Aways gives me the opportunity to show you that I really do want you to sip happily ever after. It’s also my way of thanking you for being such wonderful subscribers. I want more free tea and much more free books to Give-Away to you!

Please donate to Tea End Blog to make these aspirations and many more a reality!

Celebrating 2 Years of Sipping Happily Ever After!

2016 is behind us and we have nothing but delicious tea and great reads on the horizon. Looks like we have a decent start to 2017. Make sure you subscribe to be included in our voyage to sipping happily ever after!

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I hate to beg but…pretty please, please, please!!

I truly do not like begging for money especially since I know everyone works so hard for their earnings. However, I wouldn’t be a true tea and literature lover without asking you to help me make sipping happily ever after easier and more fun. If it is possible, please donate what you can to continue to make Tea End Blog the best place to sip happily ever after.


What would you like to see from

Tea End Blog in 2017?

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