Rwanda Rukeri | Adagio Teas

Looking for a classic but unique and fresh black tea? Rwanda Rukeri by Adagio Teas just may be your next sip! I enjoyed the notes of biscuits, currants and caramel all the while savoring a delicate astringency. I added milk and honey of course...

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THE HUE: Rwanda Rukeri | Adagio Teas

Rwanda Rukeri is the perfect tea to close the season of Autumn. It so reminds me of it! It’s deep rich brown hue is quite grounding. It also looks like my favorite adjective to describe black teas: Amber-y.



THE SCENT: Rwanda Rukeri | Adagio Teas

The scent is quite air-y for a black tea; not as heavy of a scent as the look of the tea may give off. Rwanda Rukeri gives off musky, biscuit and caramel aromas.

THE SCENT: Rwanda Rukeri | Adagio Teas


THE SIP: Rwanda Rukeri | Adagio Teas

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Without 2 teaspoons of honey, Rwanda Rukeri by Adagio Teas was smooth, air-y and only slightly astringent. Caramel and currants skipped about together on my palette.

With 2 teaspoons of honey,