Tea-spiration by LuAnn Pannunzio

There are plenty of books about tea on the shelves. Some that are quite descriptive and precise. Others that boast tea culture and proper tea preparation. Yet there are still other pieces of literature that reveal tea’s unique history. It is quite pleasant, however, to finally stumble upon a tea book that is personal and simple, detailed but delicate and grounding. This is exactly what I found and more in reading Tea-spiration by LuAnn Pannunzio.

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Title: Tea-spiration

Page Count: 135

Author: LuAnn Pannunzio

Published Date: 08 November, 2016

Publishing Company: Mango Media Inc.

Type: Paperback

I started reading Tea-spiration in a bubble bath and when I reached pg. 25 ¶4 where LuAnn asks the reader, “Why don’t you put the kettle on, pick up your favorite cup and tea, and flip the page…” I stopped. I didn’t have my tea! I resorted to waking up the next morning and finishing the book in one sitting over a pot of Rwanda Rukeri Tea by Adagio Teas.

What’s your guess? Did I finish the tea or the book first? Tea-spiration was such a good, personable, inspiring and comforting read that I finished it long before my pot of tea. I made sure to tab my favorite spots, as you can see, there’s a lot!

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I am so happy that I could read Tea-spiration, perform a Book Review on Tea-spiration and interview the author LuAnn Pannunzio herself! Make sure you check out the Blogview with LuAnn Pannunzio entitled “Sip-ly Inspired.

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Has tea ever inspired your work? Explain.

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