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Interviewing LuAnn Pannunzio


BLOGVIEW with LuAnn Pannunzio | Sip-ly Inspired

(left: Gabie - Tea End Blog | right: LuAnn Pannunzio - The Cup of Life)

The more I blog about tea and literature the more I meet other tea sipping bookworms like myself who confess to not just sipping the beverage but also reading about tea. I find myself turning the pages of the most complex of tea books that describe proper tea preparation, recount tea history or even define tea verbiage. Recently, however, I fell upon a cute little (it truly is little; perfect for your tea tray) book that happened to be more rousing than all the books on tea that I have read so far.

Tea-spiration by LuAnn Pannunzio from The Cup of Life was simply inspiring. I just had to reach out to LuAnn herself to ask if she would be interested in a Blogview so that we tea sipping bookworms could be further inspired by the inspiration that inspired her to write Tea-spiration!

In the Interview below, you will discover LuAnn’s introduction to writing, why she chose to avoid certain tea topics, what her intent is for the reader and much more. At the end of the Interview, I am sure that like me, you will be sip-ly inspired.

BLOGVIEW with LuAnn Pannunzio | Sip-ly Inspired

- bio derived from LuAnn Pannunzio Amazon Author Page

Gabie: In Tea-spiration, you speak a little on your early experience with tea and you take us back to your very first sip of a strawberry flavored blended black tea, however, now that you have brought us this wonderful read I am curious to know; when was your earliest experience with writing?

LuAnn Pannunzio: My earliest experience with writing was in elementary school as I would always seem to have book writing projects. I remember one of the first little books I created for an assignment was actually on my relationship with my sister Luciana (the person who I dedicated Tea-spiration too, along with tea lovers everywhere!).

I enjoyed writing about anything and everything and would always keep journals. They were a good way to express my thoughts on paper whenever I could. I made sure to enroll in any possible writing courses throughout my school life and in high school is when I learned more about blogs and created my first one. I have gone through many blogs before I created one just dedicated to tea back in 2011. So that is how The Cup of Life was born!

Gabie: I see, now I understand why your writing style is so personal and inviting in Tea-spiration, just like a journal willingly shared.

Tea-spiration is quite an inspirational read which comes as no surprise considering the title. Yet, what does come as a surprise is how inspirational Tea-spiration is to, not just tea enthusiasts, but everyone. Was it difficult to write in such a way that would inspire everyone? Did you have to choose your words carefully?

LuAnn Pannunzio: I’m happy that you think that because that was the ultimate goal. I wanted to write a book that was tea related, but at the same time, I wanted it to be done in a way that it could be for anyone really. And if I turned anybody into a tea lover that wasn’t alrea