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I am a blogger of tea and literature, so even when I am on trips to see family and friends I am constantly thinking of different locations to visit that would introduce me further to the world of sipping and reading. In a trip to see a friend in South Carolina I decided to visit the one and only tea plantation in North America. (I know…I also assumed there were more tea plantations in the States.)

Charleston Tea Plantation, also known as America’s Tea Garden had the southern enchantment of the neighboring historic city of Charleston itself. In this article, I will share with you the features and attractions of the tea plantation coupled with my personal experience.

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First Impressions

Charleston Tea Plantation was as stunning as you could imagine a tea plantation would be. The beautiful 127-acre plantation sits on Wadamalaw Island in the heart of the Low-country of South Carolina, just a few miles south of the historic city of Charleston.

Wadamalaw Island has not and cannot be commercially developed, therefore much of the land remains untouched. The tea plantation is no exception. A fun fact I learned made me fall in love with the plantation that much more! Charleston Tea Plantation was born in the same year as I, 1987!

My friend and I walked the grounds of the tea plantation and ate lunch under a perfect gazebo before starting our ventures. I was with full peace surrounded by tea and the natural beauty of Wadamalaw.

Attractions & Activities

Besides the ideal picnic scenery, Charleston Tea Plantation offers a trolley tour of the tea grounds and greenhouse (only $20), an intriguing self-guided tour (partly both outdoors and indoors) of the process and machinery (free!), complimentary tea tasting of all Bigelow tea blends and a wonderful gift shop.

My friend and I skipped around the tea plantation and got a head's start on the gift shop while we were waiting for our trolley tour ride and as a random tad-bit can I say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TROLLEYS!!

It makes me feel better that, even though North America has only one tea plantation, tea production has deep roots here in the States dating back to the 1700’s.

I took home quite a few goodies from Charleston Tea Plantation Gift Shop. I couldn’t visit a tea plantation without taking home some tea! I decided to try the Plantation Peach Tea which I have already reviewed. Be sure to check out the review of Plantation Peach Tea by The Charleston Tea Plantation.

Stroopies, another treat caught my eye in the gift shop. I took a few home with me and absolutely loved this tea treat. You can see my Product Review of Stroopies here on the blog!

A true tea sipping bookworm always thinks of two things: tea and books. There was a book that was oh so quintessential for me; the book was entitled Wise Cocktails – The Owl’s Brew Guide to Creating & Brewing Tea-based Beverages by Jennie Ripps & Maria Littlefield.

The trolley tour on the tea grounds afforded some truly beautiful glances of the plantation. The Grand Oaks and lagoons added to the charm of the tea bushes.

Here’s a selfie for ya! I don’t know why but when I saw the greenhouse I started to take a bunch of selfies, lol.

I love American's Tea Garden!

There were plenty other delights that I experienced during my visit to Charleston Tea Plantation. You will have to take the time to visit the plantation yourself and let me know of your experience!

Overall, the visit was entirely delightful. I am so happy that I took the time to explore the only tea plantation in North America. This trip certainly has wet my appetite for more tea plantation adventures. Perhaps Sri Lanka or India next? Who knows!

Charleston Tea Plantation is located at 6617 Maybank Hwy, Wadamalaw Island, SC 29487. The plantation is open year ‘round Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM and on Sunday from noon to 4PM.

You can plan your trip on the website, or call 843-559-0383. Tell them that Gabie from Tea End Blog sent you!

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Have you visited a tea plantation? Explain?

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