Stroopies | Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

Stroopies - Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

Any true tea sipper would agree that, although tea can easily be enjoyed alone, it is quite pleasant when served with some sort of treat. I consider myself a snacking queen (one must be royal at something…) as I am always nibbling on something and especially when I am enjoying a wonderful cup of tea.

While visiting the Charleston Tea Plantation (Charleston, SC) I stumbled upon a delightful treat served best warmed by a cup of tea itself! Stroopies, authentic Dutch stroopwafels, enchanted my tea sipping experience so much so that I must share!

In this article, I explain what I liked and disliked about Stroopies, how exactly to enjoy this delightful treat and where you can find your very own authentic Dutch stroopwafels.

Stroopies - Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

What I liked...

1. Tea Cup Ready

The circumference of a Stroopies Dutch Wafel makes it just right to sit a-top a tea cup. Too small and the Stroopies would fall into my tea. Too large and the entire Stroopies may not be warmed by the steam coming from the hot tea. The size is perfect!

2. Visually Appealing

High Tea is always accentuated with the most delicate and ornate of tea treats which lends to the entire experience of tea sipping. Stroopies have a simple elegant design that would be perfect for High Tea or simply my tea...

3. Aromathera-tea

Stroopies are made to be warmed by the steam resulting from a hot cup of tea. When Stroopies begin to warm up they release their spiced flavors into the air. Who needs a candle or incense when you have a delicious tea treat like Stroopies!

4. Delicious

Despite their spiced aroma, Stroopies are very delicate and mild in taste which makes Stroopies perfect for tea sipping. When I choose snacks I try to choose those which will not overwhelm the palate so as to leave room to enjoy the tea notes. I would describe the texture as being chewy and would compare the texture to a fig newton cookie.

5. Delightful

I love tea treats that somehow interact with the tea itself. For example, I love tea biscuits that are just the right texture to dip into tea. Or what about peppermint and chocolate sticks that allow you to stir additional flavors into your cup! Stroopies are really neat because they are warmed by the cup itself.