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Summer 2016: Read, Swim, Sip Tea, Eat. Repeat.

THE PAPER: Travel + Leisure Magazine | Beyond - First Person | pg. 40 ¶ 1-3, pg. 43 ¶ 4-7

Summer Prep: Read, Swim, Eat. Repeat.

It seems like Spring came and went in a sprint! However, I am not complaining because Summer promises outdoor activities that just aren't the same without bright and long days. I didn't have a clue what Joël and I intended to do specifically this summer, so I thought I would try to inspire myself by reading one of my favorite travel magazines, Travel + Leisure. I was inspired alright! Inspired to do the most simple of things this summer...

In this article, I share with you my inspiration from Aria Beth Sloss' Idaho retreat and her summer bliss. Her experience helped me to plan a simple, but happy Summer 2016.

Summer Prep: Read, Swim, Eat. Repeat.

The Cabin by the Lake is a short story told by Aria Beth Sloss as she relives her feminine childhood through her daughters' experience while visiting her family's Idaho retreat. It is in this short time that she realizes that the simple things are what make summers so grand and she expresses her desire for her daughter to have the same epiphany one day.

Summer Prep: Read, Swim, Eat. Repeat.

Summer Prep: Read, Swim, Eat. Repeat.

This quote sticks out at me and helped me simplify my Summer plans. The formula for happiness when Sloss was a teenage girl was simple: read, swim, eat. Repeat. She realized that these very simple things brought her delight even as an adult.

When it comes to summer, nothing beats taking advantage of long bright days and reading a book outdoors in a park or laying by the pool. Why not take a dip while you're at it! Summer foods are so comforting, aren't they?

With that being said, my Summer plans just became more simple:

Read, Swim, Eat, Sip Tea. Repeat.


Simple or complex. What are your Summer plans?

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