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Every time that Tea End Blog is uttered, written or even more, featured by someone else, I have a moment when I realize that something that was just a simple idea some time ago has now stepped into reality and is being appreciated by others. For a born entrepreneur, this is gold and what I live for!

Recently, I had the immense privilege of interviewing an award winning author who so happens to also be the author to one of my most adored books as a child, Janet Taylor Lisle. I put some much effort and hard work into the interview and its presentation, not wanting to offend the writer of the Newbery Award winner, "Afternoon of the Elves". Today, this interview is not only appreciated by Lisle but also featured on her website! I can't even explain how proud and excited I am!

Blogview with Janet Taylor Lisle | "Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle"

Having my blogview ("Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle") with Janet Taylor Lisle featured on her website means so much to me and being able to interview Janet Taylor Lisle makes my reading and writing experiences real and tangible. I can count on my true tea sipping bookworms to understand why speaking with an author about their work, work that touched you, is a full experience worth having.

Since you understand, I thought I would share this moment with you. You can check out my featured blogview on > What's New > From Gabie, Tea End.


Have you accomplished something that you are really proud of? What?

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